College of Engineering

The College in a Glance

The College of Engineering is a major academic unit of the University of Duhok, consisting of six departments, namely, Civil Engineering, Water Resources Engineering, Architectural Engineering, Electrical and Computer Engineering, Mechanical Engineering and Surveying Engineering. The college offers a comprehensive programs of Bachelor and Masters degree in a plethora of disciplines in engineering and integrated planning which are intrinsic for the sustainable development of infrastructure and services in the Kurdistan Region.

The college strives to develop well-educated engineers who have strong technical knowledge with practical skills and attributes required in the modern world. We consider the role of students as pivotal in the learning process; as such we encourage our students to be innovative, critical thinkers, designers and problem solvers, team workers, as well as communicators and life-long learners. We have a range of laboratories and computer facilities that cater for teaching and research. We make contributions to many construction projects in Kurdistan through the Engineering Consultant Bureau and cherish several programs of collaboration in research with international universities.