Civil Engineering

The department of Civil Engineering provides the infrastructure for our daily lives and also makes sure that the environmental impact of new schemes is minimized. The department started to accept students on 11th of October 1994, the first batch of Civil Engineers graduated in 1998. In 2008 about 39 students were studying in the 4th class of the department. To qualify for the Bachelor degree from College of Engineering, all students must acquire a total of 3300 hours (during 8 semesters) less exemptions. The department also offers a Master degree in Civil Engineering. 

The department is concerned with introducing the students to various steps of development of Civil Engineering. In the advanced stages, the curricula goes in depth to provide the students with knowledge and experience enabling them to master and control these curricula, and helping them become experts in their specialty. The study system starts in mid September every academic year according to the University calendar and it concludes by the end of June. During the length of this system students must take seasonal exams and final test in every class. The department provides opportunities for students in multi-disciplinary research and study based on major disciplines to broaden their understanding of production. 

Civil engineers provide the proper infrastructure for our daily life while minimizing the environmental impact of any new scheme. The Department of Civil Engineering has developed innovative programs that meet the future challenges of business, industry and academia. The students develop basic skills with regard to understand the nature of building materials, theories of construction design, methods of computing responses, the principles of land use on the basis of theories of human behavior, and knowledge of civil acts and regulations.