College of Engineering

Engineering Consultant Bureau (ECB)

  • The Engineering Consultant Bureau seeks to merge the local technical capacities of engineering studies, designs, quality control, and supervision into one institution. While its main goal is to provide scientific advice, it also designs different university buildings and roads within the university campus. Furthermore, the bureau arranges computer courses for the engineering programs and supervises certain engineering projects.

    The purpose of the establishment of the Bureau is to provide the following:


    • Participation in inclusive urban promotion efforts.
    • Improving the general urban appearance of the cities by making especial fully developed urban samples.
    • Raising urban awareness for the public.
    • Giving optimum value to the consulting services by offering a general consultation solution to the private governmental sectors.
    • Creating urban solutions regarding places and circumstances which are based on deep roots dealing with religious, social, environmental and technical aspects.
  • Services offered by the Engineering Consultant Bureau include but not limited to:

    • Preparation of inspection report, feasibility study and detailed design of various engineering projects including building structures, roads, bridges and water and wastewater treatment facilities.
    • Laboratory testings including soil investigations.
    • Engineering consultant solutions.

    With innovation in design and a tradition of excellence, ECB is committed to staying at the forefront of the construction and design industry.

  • Projects completed by the ECB:

    1. Rehabitation of Mosul Hospital (12/1/2019) for GIZ
    2. Shah City - Assessment (8/1/2019).
    3. Soil investigation for ACTED organization (27/1/2019).
    4. Design of water treatment plant of Eiteet and Berifka settlement in Duhok.
    5. Surveying of University of Duhok campus and other buildings.
    6. Design of University of Duhok buildings.
    7. Design of Zakho Mall.
    8. Design of the Cultural Center in Koya University.
    9. Design of the traffic intersection between Kurdistan Bridge and Mrs. Meteran street in Duhok.
    10. Re-design of a number of high buildings for Zenar Company in Duhok.
    11. Re-design of Social Care building in Duhok.
    12. Design of Zakho water treatment Plant Project.
    13. Design of Aqra water treatment Plant project.
    14. Design of Imadyah water treatment Plant Project.
    15. Design Chamchamal water treatment Plant Project.
    16. Design of Sihelah water treatment Plant project.
    17. Design of the Project of feeding Duhok Dam with water from the Tigris project.
    18. Design of Bakerman water treatment plant project
    19. Providing engineering consultant solutions for more than 150 cases.
    20. Soil investigations for more than 400 buildings in Kurdistan Region.
    21. Studying and assessment of building designs in Kurdistan Region.
  • Director of the Bureau: Dr. Najdat Sabri Abdukhaliq

Board of the Engineering Consultant Bureau

Board President

                                        Dr. James Hassado Haido
Dr. James Hassado Haido Dean of the College of Engineering
Assistant Professor
Director of the Bureau

                                        Dr. Najdat Sabri Abdukhaliq
Dr. Najdat Sabri Abdukhaliq Director of the Engineering Consultant Bureau
Board Members

                                        Dr. Bahzad Mohammad Ali Noori
Dr. Bahzad Mohammad Ali Noori
Assistant Professor

                                        Dr. Kadhim Fathel Khalil
Dr. Kadhim Fathel Khalil

                                        Dr. Nashwan Shawkat Mizzouri
Dr. Nashwan Shawkat Mizzouri

                                        Dr. Sherzad Tahseen Tahir
Dr. Sherzad Tahseen Tahir

                                        Jihan Mahmood Qasim
Jihan Mahmood Qasim