Conference Themes
Aug. 31, 2021, 12:31 p.m.



First Theme (Track): Per-revaluation events


  • Intellectual Concept: Kurdish political and national thought before the revolution.
  • Showing the role of Mulla Mustafa Al Barzani and his place in the Kurdish political movement.
  • Reasons for September revaluation outbreak.


Second Theme (Track): Social, Economic, administrative aspects of the revaluation


  • The dministrative and judicial organizations in the areas subject to the Kurdish revolution.
  • The social, Economic, cultural, educational, health services aspects in the areas subject to the Kurdish revolution.
  • The social, political, and cultural groups’ roles in September revaluation.
  • The role of the Kurdish woman in supporting the revolution.


Third Theme (Track): Military aspects of the revolution


  • Military formation of revolution forces(Peshmerga).
  • Supply Sources of Revolution.
  • Six wars: 1962, 1963, 1965,1966,1969,1974.
  • Some Kurdish social groups stood by the government side in fighting the revolution.


Fourth Theme (Track): Revolution and Media


  • The role of media in the September revolution… revolution media, Iraqi, regional, and international media.
  • The revolution in the writings of foreign journalists, who could visit its bastion and meet its leaders.


Fifth Theme (Track): History and Memory of revolution


  • The revolution in the academic field.
  • The revolution in diaries and writings of its participants form the Peshmerga.
  • The revolution in the diaries of senior officers in the Iraqi army.
  • The verbal history of the September revolution.
  • Archive of the revolution (Documents and archives).


Sixth Theme (Track): Regional and international attitudes to revolution.

Seventh Theme (Track): The negotiations with the successive Iraqi governments

                                       and the agreement of 11 March 1970.       

Eighth Theme (Track): The reasons that led to a relapse of the revolution and   it’s a reflection on the Kurdish reality in Kurdistan.