To help you achieve your ambitions, we are committed to making this university one of the best places in the region to be an undergraduate student, giving you the skills to stand out in today's competitive employment market. With some of the best learning and support facilities in the area, you will find the University of Duhok an exceptionally rewarding and exciting place to study in.

Whatever is your educational or personal background, if you have the talent and potential to succeed, we will provide every opportunity help you come and study here at the UoD. So, while high results are the key factor in our decision-making process, we can also use other information to build a broader picture of you. The University of Duhok is an amazing place to spend your student years. As well as gaining a degree, you can enjoy all the attractions of a lively and colorful city.

As a student at theUoD, you'll have access to many of our up to date facilities, such as, libraries and computing centers, and our innovative teaching methods will challenge you to get the most out of your course.

Besides succeeding academically, we want to make sure you enjoy your time at the UoD, so we'll be there to support you every step of the way.

Whether you want to take part or just spectate, we have excellent facilities on campus and teams for students of all abilities to join.

We also have the Students Union. The Union runs hundreds of activities for you to join and campaigns across a range of important issues. Elections are held each year to nominate students to represent their colleges on the College Board.

The university offers accommodation, 24-hour medical services, with the cooperation of the Duhok Health Directorate, and transportation to and from the campus’s attended. Transport services are provided by the Students Union with the cooperation of the university administration.

At the UoD, we are committed to enabling students to continue their education by implementing a program for assisting students with special financial needs. Pocket money of 50,000 Iraqi dinars per month is available for students living in campus housing and for those students living in Duhok, the allowance is 30,000 Iraqi dinars per month.