Int. Relations
Jan. 8, 2024, 9:59 a.m.

                                        Prof. Dr. Rund Hammoudi
Prof. Dr. Rund Hammoudi Director 00964 (0) 62 722 7060

The University of Duhok enjoys a distinctive position in the international relations among institutions of higher education, here in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq. We successfully combine first-rate undergraduate education in the living and learning environment, with vibrant and growing research, graduate, and professional programs.

The University has been an economic, educational, and cultural resource for the region for many years. Increasingly. Today, we are concentrating on taking our leadership in teaching, research, and public service at the University of Duhok to a new level of excellence.

International Engagements

The University of Duhok is internationally recognized by fostering relations outside the university. These relationships increase the university's alliances and partnerships with other institutes of higher learning by extending collaboration on international research projects. The university promotes international student exchange or mobility, leaderships and educational self-development programs, international educational integration and worldwide information activity.

Here, at the University of Duhok, we seek to establish strong relationships with world-class universities and scientific centers. We work with and share information through bilateral agreements and exchange programs. This enhances the educational process by increasing mutual understanding through interactions with reciprocal partnerships in various fields.

The International Relations Office is entirely responsible for contacts made with different institutions, universities, and individuals around the world. Thus, the International Relations Office creates and manages agreements, organizes workshops, and conferences, found and implement local and international project for fund raising, and arranges meetings with visitors of the University of Duhok.

One of our goals at the International Relations Office is the fund raising. It is Fund Raising is a process of seeking and gathering financial contributions by engaging in different academic activates to serve the university cause. Usually, these funds come with a good will. At the University of Duhok, we articulate the Fund Raising with our strategy. These funds always provide more opportunities to our students, staff, and community, so, it is very important for us to bring the influential and stakeholder much closer to our university.

Fund Raising is one of our goals and it fits very well with our mission to serve our students and our society at Kurdistan Region. It is obvious that part of the task of the academic staff is to find sponsor for their academic activities like, academic improvement, research, and participations. We are proud of the history of UoD which witness the professionalism in implementing many great projects with different academic and nonacademic organizations worldwide.

We would like to take this opportunity to show our thanks and gratitude to all the funders that provide opportunities for our university to grow and shine more, the good will and philanthropy are always pay off. Also, our thanks to our academic staff who participated in these efforts, they are always valued.