International Students

The (UoD) has a comprehensive and evolved Student Exchange Program that functions to satisfy the following general objectives: 

  • Exchange graduates and undergraduate students for study and research work.
  • Provide college members of both institutions with opportunities to participate in research and other collaborative activities.
  • Explore the benefits from cooperation with Kurdish academics and experts living in foreign countries, as well as inviting non-Kurdish experts and specialists to visit us for educational and research purposes (i.e.: Kurdish academics in the United Kingdom and Sweden often supervise our postgraduate students).
  • Promote relations with international and local educational and scientific centers.
  • Establish joint research projects within fields of common interest.
  • Provide opportunities for the exchange of college between the two institutions for research, teaching and staff development purposes.
  • Offer institutional support and manpower development.
  • Establish individual departmental links.
  • Exchange information, library material and publications.
  • Collaborate in the writing of lectures, tutorials, manuals, and textbooks.
  • Encourage communication between college and students of the two institutions.
  • Conduct conferences and seminars.