The best national medical teaching facility that strive to teach students; produce sciences through research and alleviate the sufferance of people.



The medical department is one of the main clinical departments in the college of medicine that provides the undergraduate students with the basic clinical knowledge and enhances their clinical skills, facilitates the post-graduate training in medicine and creates new knowledge that can be translated into clinical practice.


a.     Providing the students with the essential knowledge and skills needed to evaluate patients and manage common medical diseases using evidence based medicine.

b.     Enabling students to assess and treat acute medical problems.

c.      Supplying the students with the appropriate ethical principles and the professional behavior in interactions with the patient and peers.

d.     Fostering innovative, well designed scientific research.

e.      Participating in capacity building efforts by encouraging staff enrolment in local and international continuous academic development programs, workshops and scientific conferences.

f.       Through collaboration with other departments, the department in offering medical services to the community in an atmosphere of excellence and professionalism. 

g.     Making a larger impact on national health services through the establishment of evidence based guidelines.