Academic Staff

                                        Ali Abdulghani Ramadhan
Ali Abdulghani Ramadhan Head of the Department
Assistant Prof.
Gastroenterology and hepatology
  • MBChB, University of Duhok, Iraq
    FIBMS (Medicine), Iraq
    FKHCMS (Gastroenterology and Hepatology), Iraq

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  • Gastroenterology and hepatology

  • Dr. Ali is an assistant professor of gastroenterology and hepatology in the department of Medicine, where he joined the work at University of Duhok since 2007.
    He is a fellow of the Iraqi Board For Medical Specializations (FIBMS) in medicine since 2010. He is also a fellow of the Kurdistan Higher Council of Medical specialties (FKHCMS) in gastroenterology and hepatology since 2014.
    He started the academic teaching in 2011 in Duhok university and is currently the head of medical department since 2015.
    He has participated in many training courses, international conferences and workshops and is a member of the American Gastroenterological Association, American Society for Gastrointestinal Endoscopy and American College of Gastroenterology through which he keeps himself updated in the field of gastroenterology and hepatology. Also he is a fellow of the Royal college of Physicians (Glasgow) that keeps him updated in the field of general medical practice.

  • Three board candidates in gastroenterology and hepatology
    One high diploma candidate in pediatric gastroenterology and hepatology
    One PhD candidate in physiology

  • v 9th of Oct., 2003 Duhok-Iraq; Completion of a one month CME course in intensive care nursing held by Northwest Medical Team & Washington Kurdish Institute.
    v 22nd -23rd Oct., 2003 Duhok-Iraq; Participation in a training course on upgarding nursing skills held by HCPNI.
    v 10th of Jan., 2004 Duhok-Iraq; Participation in a CME course for primary health care held by HCPNI.
    v 19th - 20th of Feb., 2004 Duhok-Iraq; Participation in first scientific symposium in advanced dentistry held by Kurdistan Dental Association.
    v 7th - 9th of Mar., 2004 Duhok-Iraq; Participation in a workshop on rational drug use held by Pharmaciens Sans Frontieres CI / Duhok Governorate.
    v 5th -9th of May, 2004 Erbil-Iraq; Participation in the second medical conference of MOH-KRG.
    v 26th - 27th of May, 2004 Duhok-Iraq; Participation in a workshop on project design & proposal writing conducted by the Diakonia & Counterpart organizations.
    v 5th of Sept., 2004 Duhok-Iraq; Participation in a physiotherapy CME course on ultrasound: safe and effective use in clinical settings.
    v 20th -21st of Sept., 2004 Duhok-Iraq; Participation in health system reform conference in Kurdistan Region.
    v 30th of Dec., 2004 Duhok-Iraq; Participation in the annual review of DOH-Duhok activities (Presentation: health education program in Duhok).
    v 26th -28th of April, 2005 Erbil-Iraq; Participation as speaker in the health system reform conference in Kurdistan Region held at Ministry of Health in KRG – Iraq (Presentation: private health insurance).
    v 14th-18th of July, 2005 Amman-Jordan; participation in a workshop on health education & communication held by BASICS.
    v 20th-31st of July, 2005 Duhok-Iraq; Participation in first Aid training course held by UNHCR & Comité d’ Aide Médicale (CAM).
    v 12th-24th Nov. 2005 Duhok-Iraq; Participation in Epi-Info data base training course, conducted by DOH- Duhok in cooperation with UNHCR & Comité d’ Aide Médicale (CAM).
    v 20th-22nd, Dec., 2005 Tehran-Iran; participation in Iranian medical emergency conference.
    v 7th -8th Jan. 2006 Duhok-Iraq; Participation in breast cancer workshop.
    v 25th Jan., 2006 Duhok-Iraq; Participation in the annual review of DOH-Duhok activities . (Presentation: health education program & CME program in Duhok).
    v 5th of April, 2006 Duhok-Iraq; Participation in combined scientific symposium sponsored by DOH-Duhok & DOH-Kirkuk.
    v 10th-18th Sept. 2006 Duhok-Iraq; Participation in ICD-10 version (International Classification of Diseases) workshop held in Duhok, organized by Dr. AbdulRahman Dawood Maya – National health statistics consultant.
    v 25th of Sept. – 6th of Oct., 2006 London-UK; Participation in WHO fellowship in health education & hygiene held by Wandsworth teaching primary care trust.
    v 28th of Sept. 2006 London-UK; Participation in training course in smoking cessation training.
    v 4th -6th of Jun., 2008 Erbil-Iraq; Participation in training of trainers on DOTS implementation and expansion in Kurdistan.
    v 18th-20th of Jun., 2008 Sulaimani-Iraq; Participation in the thoracic surgery and hepatobiliary and endoscopic surgery training course.
    v 25th -26th of Jun., 2008 Duhok-Iraq; Participation in the training course on drug management information system.
    v 6th-8th of Aug., 2008 Duhok-Iraq; Facilitator for 1st and 2nd training courses in DOTS implementation and expansion in Kurdistan.
    v 17th of Sept. to 10th of Nov., 2008 Bilbao-Spain; Participation in a training course on CCU & ICU care held by Kawa Foundation in cooperation with the MOH- KRG & the health authorities in Basque countries and DOH-Bilbao.
    v 2nd -4th of Feb., 2011 Erbil-Iraq; Participation in the international congress on reform & development of the health care system in Kurdistan Region – Iraq.
    v 20th -21st of Jun., 2011 Erbil-Iraq; Participation in the IT development training course for KRG medical staff.
    v 14th-15th of March, 2012 Sulaimani-Iraq; participation in the second scientific conference of pancreatobiliary surgery held by ICS / WSF / AHPBA
    v 1st – 2nd of Sept., 2012 Meerut-India; Participation in the 4th international workshop on endoscopic ultrasound
    v 29th of March, 2013 Baghdad-Iraq; participation in the 6th Iraqi conference for gastroenterology and hepatology
    v 14th – 20th of Jun., 2013 Beirut-Lebannon; participation in a training course on EUS and Scope Disinfection
    v 1st -2nd of Nov., 2013 Sulaimani-Iraq; Participation in the first Kurdistan Digestive Days
    v 12th -13th of Dec., 2013 Cairo-Egypt; participation in the 6th Hepatology & Gastroenterology Post-graduate Course
    v 14th -15th of Dec., 2013 Cairo-Egypt; participation in the 15th Egyptian Workshop on Therapeutic Endoscopy
    v 12th of Jan. to 20th of Mar., 2014 Amman-Jordan; participation in a training course on endoscopy and clinical gastroenterology & hepatology in King Hussein Medical Center
    v 7th - 8th of June, 2014 Beirut - Lebanon; participation in MSD Virology Symposium
    v 1st-2nd of Nov., 2014 Sulaimani-Iraq; Participation in the second Kurdistan Digestive Days
    v 6th of Dec. 2014 to 5th of Feb., 2015 Duhok-Iraq; Participation in the Methods of Teaching workshop by the training and development center of the University of Duhok
    v 17th-18th of Apr, 2015 Beirut - Lebanon; GI Update from A to Z from AstraZeneca with hand on training on simulators
    v 5th -6th of May, 2016 Sulaimani-Iraq; Third International Conference of Kurdistan
    Gastroenterology and Hepatology Society
    v 14th-15th of Aug, 2016 Delhi –India; 7th International Workshop On Endoscopic Ultrasound
    v 12th -13th of Jan, 2017 Duhok; First Endocrinology and Cardiovascular Update Conference
    v 26th-27th of Feb, 2017 Babylon, Iraq; Second international conference for Medical education
    v 18thof April, 2017 Duhok; Workshop on management of dyslipidemia in Duhok
    v 28th-29th of Apr, 2017 Beirut – Lebanon; MEAP Gastroenterology Summit 2017
    v 4th-5th of Aug, 2017 Duhok; Workshop on integrated system
    v 27th of Oct. to 1st of Nov., 2017 Barcelona-Spain; 25th UEG week
    v 15th-17th of Dec, 2017 Dubai-UAE; Janssen Crohn’s disease Standalone
    v 17th -18th of Jan, 2019 Duhok; 2nd Endocrinology and Cardiovascular Update Conference
    v 28th-30th of Apr, 2019 Najaf-Iraq; Training coures on integrated system in University of Kufa
    v 4th -5th of April, 2019 Sulaimani-Iraq; 3rd international medical conference of University of Sulaimani – College of medicine
    v 2nd -3rd of May, 2019 Erbil-Iraq; Pharmadent medical conference - Gastroenterology
    v 12th- 15th of Aug, 2021 Istanbul-Turkey; Cardiometabolic and pulmonary diseases update training course
    v 3rd of March, 2022 Duhok; Diabetes, atherosclerosis and microvascular complications workshop
    v 8th-10th Sept, 2022 Hyderabad-India: ENDOCON-2022; the 22nd annual conference of SGEI

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