An Open Dialogue with Tal Kaif Delegation Held in the University of Duhok
June 15, 2023, 10:12 a.m.

In the framework of the project entitled “Cultural Restoration Program for Northern Iraq”, in collaboration with USAID, an open dialogue and awareness session was conducted to the community leaders, Village headmen, Activists and Religious figures from Tal Kaif district, to share the results of the project, as well as to exchange the knowledge and experiences in order to learn firmly what is required to be done in Tal Kaif district to enhance the social interaction.

Dr. Lokman Hadi Hassan the Vice President of the University of Duhok for Scientific Affairs, Dr. Rund Hammoudy the Director of the International Relations at the University of Duhok, and Dr. Nabaz Ibraheem, the Vice President for Students Affairs received a delegation from Tal Kaif district for the open dialogue and awareness session in the Cultural Center at the University of Duhok on February 14th 2023.

The opening speech of the session was delivered by Dr. Lokman, “Reviving the cultural traditional through agriculture is a huge project that serves all the components of Nineveh Plain. A part of this project is Social Cohesion; to bring all the components together. We hope this gathering would be the beginning for figuring the positive points that exist between the components in Tal Kaif district, as the University of Duhok, we participate and contribute to find solutions and provide services to Tal Kaif people.”

After that, the project introduction and aims were presented by Dr. Nashwan Shawkat, the Project Coordinator, he said “We tried our best to implement this project in collaboration with USAID for the people of Nineveh plain, this project is the linkage between cultural meaning and agricultural landscape, to identify culturally valuable agricultural resources, to determine the impact of ISIS, and assist groups in re-establishing the production and to reinforce peaceful coexistence in the community.”

Moreover, Dr. Omran Ali Omar and Dr. Nizar Ameen Mohammed showed the data and results of the study conducted in the area, lack of support from the government for the farmers, lack of rains and wells caused deficiency of manpower, as well as neglecting thousands of olive trees in the area. “Fortunately we figured out that after ISIS occupation, people have overcome the challenges, the social interaction is getting stronger as before” Said Dr. Nizar.

In this open dialogue, a presentation on the role of peaceful coexistence in restoring livelihoods was given by Mr. Adnan Yousif.

At the end of this gathering, an open dialogue took place with Tal Kaif delegate. The aim was to share the experiences and results of the project and to learn from them what is needed to be done in Tal Kaif district to strengthen the social cohesion.

Aya Hashim Saeed one of the participants said “it’s important to have trust on one another, we as activists in the community work our best to strengthen the bond of trust and coexistence in the area in order to have a healthy community.”

It’s worth mentioning that this project includes all the components in Nineveh plain including Tal Kaif, Hamdaniya districts and Bashiqa sub-district, it is planned to invite the community leaders from Hamdaniya district separately for another open dialogue next month.

UOD Media; Feb. 14th 2023

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