Medicine and Surgery


Lecturer Dr. Assel Anwar
Head of the Department

Tel: +9647504806267

The main work of the department are teaching the clinical subjects to undergraduate students of the fourth and fifth year students of the College of the Veterinary Medicine, mainly the Medicine 1 & 2, infectious diseases, clinical Pathology, Surgery 1 & 2, Clinic 1 & 2 and pharmacology. The department are also awarding the MSc & PhD qualifications to the postgraduate students in clinical fields like Medicine, Clinical Pathology and Surgery. The department are responsible for the diagnosis, treatment and surgical operations of different clinical cases of different animal species, with high level of services through the diagnostic labs and surgical theatres. The department staffs have very good experience, expertise and knowledge in all the clinical studies or fields with high standard communication with the students and the owners, and give alot of advices to these owners.