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                                        Rana Polus Ibrahem
Rana Polus Ibrahem
Assistant Lecturer
    • 2011 M.SC. In industiral chemistry, university of zakho –College of Science -Department. Of Chemistry-Iraq.
    • 2004 B.Sc. degree  in chemistry from the university of salahaldin-Erbil .
    • (Improvement of petroleum of Tawke – Zakho crude oil using local clay)by*S.A. Naman, K.A.Maher, R.P.IbrahimDepartment of Chemistry, Faculty of Science, University of Zakho, Zakho/iraq Accepted 29 March, 2012, Journal of Petroleum and Gas Exploration Research (ISSN 2276-6510)Vol.2(4)pp, 80-86, April, 2012 Available online JPGER Copyright © 2012 International Research Journals


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    • Practical analytical chemistry, for the second class and  in department of chemistry   /Faculty of science/University of duhok.

  • Undergraduate Projects


          - Name  Jahwar
          -Date   2014 - 2015

    • Title  Gsolin and Octan Number

          - Name  Ali Amin Ali and Mohemed Ragab Abdullah
          -Date   2015 - 2016

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