College of Science

Dean’s Message

I am proud to receive the Deanery of the Science College after more than thirty years of working in teaching and scientific research in Iraqi and Kurdistan universities. On this occasion, I promise myself that I take this responsibility at full blast and dedication. My mission is to do my best devotee in the service of scientific research and education. I will align the mission of the College to reflect the needs of our students, our civic and business community and our academic strengths in the College of Science to build a prosperous future for Kurdistan. My message to all my colleagues and students in the College is a sincere promise that I will encourage them in order to enhance the learning process and scientific research in the College.

Dear colleagues our duty is to do our best to prepare future graduates armed with science and knowledge with a high mental attitude and instill confidence in them to work hardly with dedication to think in proper way to find solutions to scientific problems that will face them in their life. Also it is our responsibility to encourage students to expand the knowledge they have acquired during their studies after they graduate to build a prosperous and a good future to the Kurdistan Region. As I hope from the teaching staff of the College to mediate their knowledge in ways that encourage scientific collaboration, advance learning and contribution to think how to push the learning process and researches forward on the right track, and I am confident that the College of Science at the Duhok University will be the home of solving real problems of different scientific sectors in Kurdistan Region. Also I want from all students to become responsible citizens to contribute positively to the advancement of their community and their country. Finally I wish a joyful life to all the members of the teaching staff and students at the College of Science.