Academic Staff

                                        Nazli Askar Shahbaz
Nazli Askar Shahbaz
Assistant Proffesor
Analytical Chemistry
    • 1980 M.SC. In Analytical chemistry, University of Mosul–College of Sciences -Department. Of Chemistry-Iraq
    • 1977 B.Sc. in chemistry from the university of Mosul.
    1. Spectrophotometric Determination of Microgram Amounts of Adrenaline with chloranil Microchemical Journal 31, 272-274 (1985).
    2. Iodometric  Microdeterminat of Formaldehyde by Amplification Reaction .J. Edu. Sci. Vol. (29) 1998.
    3. An Essential Feature of Photodiesterase Enzyme with Respect to its Isolation , purification Kindy Tissue . Iraq . Journal of Science No. 3 Vol. 30 (1989).
    4. Spectrophotometric Micro determination of Imidazole in Aqueous Solution using Diazotized p- amino benzoic acid . J. Edu. Sci. Vol(15) 1994.
    5. Spectrophotometric Determination of  Dapsone Via Oxidative Coupling with Promethazine and Hypochlorite . J. Edu. Sci. Vol. (24) 1995.
    6. Spectrophotometric Determination of 4- amino antipyrine Via Oxidative Coupling Reaction with Aniline and Periodate . J .  Edu. Sci. (24) 1995 .
    7. Indirect Titrimetic Determination of Chloramphenicol Using Bromine. J. Edu. Sci. Vol(28) 1998.

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    • Theoretical- Practical Analytical chemistry, for the first class in department of Biology, and Practical  Analytical  chemistry  in department of chemistry   /Faculty of science/University of duhok.

  • B.Sc Projects

    • Title   Gas Chromatography

          - Name GharibaAshqi Omer
          -Date   Unknown

    • Title   Indirect polar graphic method for the micro determination of sulfur in organic dryes

          - Name  Kajeen Hussein Jawzel
          -Date   Unknown

    • Title   Atomic Spectroscopy (AAS&AES)

          - Name Azad Mahmood Muhammed.
          -Date   Unknown

    • Title   Spectrophotometric   Determination of Iron

          - Name   Shawket Abdulla Karo
          -Date  Unknown

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