Kurdish Language
About the Department

The department of Kurdish Language seeks to enhance the knowledge, skills and practical experience of the students via extensive research and teaching. In fact, studying the Kurdish language is very important, especially in the Kurdistan region, simply because it is the mother tongue of the majority of the entourage of the  University of Duhok. It is another opportunity for native speakers of Kurdish to gain a deeper understanding of their language.

The department concentrates on giving intensive language training courses in the Kurdish language and literature. Graduates of this department may pursue an abundant of career options in the academic sphere.



The department is concerned with introducing the students to the various steps of development of the Kurdish Language, going in depth to provide them with the knowledge and experience, enabling them to master and control these subjects, therefore helping them to become experts in their specialty. The study system starts  mid-September every academic year according to the University calendar and  concludes by the end of June. During the study course, students must take seasonal  and final exams in every class. The department provides opportunities for students in multi-disciplinary research and study based on major disciplines to broaden their understanding of production.