Academic Staff

                                        Jihan Mahmood Qasim
Jihan Mahmood Qasim
    •  M.Sc., Hydraulic Engineering - 2012 - University of Sulaimani. Thesis Title: “Comparison of 1D HEC-RAS with 2D ADH for the Analysis of Trapezoidal Profile Weirs”.
    • B.Sc., Water Resources Engineering - 2007 - University of Duhok.
    1. Shaker A. Jalil, Sarhan A. Sarhan, and Jihan M. Qasim, Hydraulic Characteristics of Flow over and under Semi-Cylindrical Structure, Journal of Duhok University (Accepted 2018). 
    2. Shaker A. Jalil and Jihan M. Qasim (2016), Numerical Modelling of Flow over Single-Step Broad-Crested Weir Using FLOW-3D and HEC-RAS, PolyTechnic General Sciences Journal, Erbil Polytechnic University, 6(3) pp. 435-448. 
    3. Jihan M. Qasim (2013), Laboratory and HEC-RAS Simulations of a Single-Step Weir, ARPN Journal of Engineering and Applied Sciences, 8(12), pp. 1005-1011. 
    4. Jowhar R. Mohammed and Jihan M. Qasim (2012), Comparison of OneDimensional HEC-RAS with Two-Dimensional ADH for Flow over Trapezoidal Profile Weirs, Caspian Journal of Applied Sciences Research, 1(6), pp. 1-12. 

  • Open-Channel Flow; Numerical Simulation; Closed-Conduit Flow; Hydraulic Structures. 

    • Analysis of Water Resources Systems 
    • Computer Application (MATLAB) 
    • Computer Programming Using Fortran 
    • Descriptive Geometry 
    • Engineering Analysis 
    • Numerical Methods 
    • Open Channel Hydraulics 
    • Water Resources Economy and Management 


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