About us


The college of basic Education – Amedy was opened in 2015 for academic year(2015-2016).the college in comprised of two departments; English,language,and social sciences.

The college of Education – Amedy has 13 qualified teacher in the two department with different certificatis and scientific titles; I teacher is carrying phD certificate(assistans lecturers,9 MSc without scientific titles working as placement in out college). The college offers bachelor degrees for all the departments.Our college has only first class students for year(2015-2016).


The vision of the college of basic education-Amedy is to be at the forefront in the area of teaching,scientific research and in providing servisec for the community in a manner that would transform the college into a nationwide and for the college to compete with the other collefes of basic education both inside and abroad. Additionally,  it invisages preparing the new generation to be attentive to science,education and knowledge to the extent that would enable them to serve their commubity trhough being supporitive and capable of good teaching prosses.

Our college is aiming to enhance,learning and progressing knowledge which based on research and sholaship to provide the best services.


The college of basic educaton-Amedy is a scientific educational  college and its key mission is comprised of qualifying teachers who are trained up to international  standars and ready to teach in kindergartis and basic education schools up to nine the areas and the specializations that the college has.

On of the main priotities  of the college of basic education is to prepare the ideal educations, researchers and shulars  who are proficient in recognizing the quality and singicanci of their teaching research and ledearship.this can bi aimed trough researches on a varety of fields.

Likesise, the college takes into consideration the development of learners skills on the art of teaching and learning also utilizing the technolige in a efficient way.in addition the college promotes the sentrality of diversity,tolerance and democratic values among the staff and students.


The college basic education-Amedy eorks to:

Enhance educational knowledge and practice relating to teachers and students;

Participate in the comprehensive advancement of the Kurdistan community;

Fill in the gaps relating to the requirements of modern communities areas of teaching ,in basic education schools trough providing trained teachers who characterized by being successful.