April 8, 2018, 6:39 a.m.

If you've previously studied at The University of Duhok, make sure you don't miss out on exciting alumni events, news and job opportunities by sharing your contact details with us to the Alumni database. It's quick and easy to do Click here.

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Mission Alumni Community:


  • Provide a wide database for our alumni to reinforce bonds between the University, its alumni and members and to promote fellowship and collaboration among alumni.
  • Organize and conduct programs to support the university morally and financially.
  • Provide all members with a variety of different activities and events bringing lasting benefits and little time for leisure.
  • Help alumni to find career enhancement opportunities and defend their rights.
  • Continue to develop the members' academic, intellectual, and social experience by cooperating with other national and international institutions to encourage learning other languages and developing computer skills to meet their needs. To do so, Computer and language training centers can be opened to train alumni inside the university and out.
  • Open networking opportunities among all members to stay connected and to give them a strong platform in exchanging their ideas to serve the community.
  • Study the social problems in the Kurdistan region and find possible scientific solutions.
  • Reinforce bonds between the Alumni Association and other similar local, national, and international institution by exchanging expertise, information, and training programs.
  • Keep a strong educational and lifetime relationship between alumni and their university, created during their days in college.
  • Help offering affordable health care plans for alumni and their families in hospitals and health centers.
  • Provide a network of contacts for the alumni studying abroad enhance the social, cultural, and academic relationships.


Please eMail us at alumni@uod.ac