Meet the Staff
Feb. 20, 2023, 6:11 p.m.

The Pedagogical Training and Academic Development Center's staff, including Director and Employees, stand out in providing high-quality training programs to all our clients through our nonstop training programs, workshops, and seminars. The center has been a significant asset in connecting the University of Duhok to the larger community and the region.

Center Staff

                                Mohammed Jameel Sadiq
                            Mohammed Jameel Sadiq Director
Mohammed Jameel Sadiq Director Full Profile

                                Maveen Saleh Haji
                            Maveen Saleh Haji Programs coordinator
Maveen Saleh Haji Programs coordinator M.A. English Language Full Profile

                                Lolav Haider Ahmed
                            Lolav Haider Ahmed Administration
Lolav Haider Ahmed Administration B.A. Law Full Profile

                                Kevi Abdulsalam Mohammed
                            Kevi Abdulsalam Mohammed Administration
Kevi Abdulsalam Mohammed Administration B.A. Economic and Adm. Full Profile

                                Shamdin Yezdin Ali
                            Shamdin Yezdin Ali Technician
Shamdin Yezdin Ali Technician Full Profile

                                Hikmat Haji Ismaeel
                            Hikmat Haji Ismaeel Mail delivery
Hikmat Haji Ismaeel Mail delivery Full Profile

                                Anwar Muhsen Mustafa
                            Anwar Muhsen Mustafa Accountant
Anwar Muhsen Mustafa Accountant Full Profile