Data for UoD moodle system
March 30, 2018, 12:25 p.m.

Below are the templates necessary for each department to complete to run the moodle system of the University of Duhok.

Please complete fill the templates and E-mail them to your moodle College Manager. You can find the Email address of your College Manager in the table below.

Data for Templates for moodle

Moodle_Teachers_List: This list includes the names of all lecturers in the department in Arabic and English lettering. The list includes demonstrators (teaching assistants - معيد)

Moodle_Student_List: This list includes the names of all current students with their current study stages and other information. The names must be in Arabic and English lettering.

Moodle_Extra_Courses_List: This list includes the names of all students that have extra courses (تحميل وعبور)

Moodle_Course_List: This is the list of all courses currently being taught at the department and the teachers responsible for them.

College Managers

College Name E-mail Phone
College of Humanities Zirak Kamal Mohammed Salih 0750 184 1203
College of Dentistry Firas Abdulmajeed 0750 413 4335
College of Engineering Dilshad Ali Muhammed 0750 473 9016
College of Nursing Deldar Morad Abdulah 0750 744 3319
College of Health Sciences Herish Bahzad 0750 492 0909
College of Law and Political Sciences Sultan Ahmed Taro 0750 474 8911
College of Physical Education Chalak Al-Atrushi 0750 458 2386
College of Medicine Talaat Shukur Khorsheed 0750 443 3368
College of Pharmacy Manhal Ahemd Abdulkader 0750 220 1945
College of Administration and Economics Kovan Taha Abdullah 0750 477 7115
College of Basic Education Muwafaq Mahdi Salih 0750 481 9588
College of Spatial Planning Pires H. Abdullah 0750 440 4582
College of Science Hasan Salim Mohammed 0750 707 0913
College of Agriculture Shawkat Abdulrazaq 0750 419 1982