Conference Themes
June 13, 2021, 3:04 p.m.

Conference themes:

1.      Genocide and Science:

a)      Genocide as a concept and term

b)     Documentation of genocides and mass graves      

c)      Genocide as an academic and educational topic              

2.      Historical themes:

a)      Genocide in contemporary history.

b)     The history of genocide in the Middle East.

c)      Samples of genocide (Comparative studies)

3.      Political themes:

a)      Ruling political systems and genocide

b)     Genocide and international and regional attitudes.

c)      Genocide and media.

4.      Legal themes:

a)      Genocide and international laws.

b)     Genocide and domestic laws.

5.      Economic and social themes:

a)      The economic consequences of genocide.

b)     Deportation and demographic change.

c)      The social and psychological effects of genocide.