The term "duty of memory" has become in the forefront of studies that revolves around genocide, especially in our days. People, nations and groups who have lived through tragic days, or have been subjected to various acts of genocide in their lives which finds in the duty of memory a specific good way for them to remember what was happening, through returning to the places that were their theater and preserving them, by archiving them, studying them, and adhering to them, through the revival of special occasions for them, and the celebration of the heroes who defended them and became symbols of the nation, and loyalty to those who sacrificed for it, and from here emerges the great role of all those who care about extermination collectively, to increase the vigilance of peoples by strengthening social cohesion among their children and establishing human relations with others. Therefore, this kind of crime will not occur in the future. Then, we saw the necessity of holding a third conference on genocide in the memory of peoples.