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                                        Dyar Adil Morad
Dyar Adil Morad None
Veterinary Microbiology /Virology
  • M.Sc. in Vet. Microbiology/Virology

  • 1- Dyar A. Mord AL-Barwary and Amer G.(2012).Diagnosis of infectious Bronchitis disease in Broiler chickens by Serological test ELISA and RTPCR in Duhok. International journal of Animal and Veterinary Advances 4(1):71-75.

    2- Dyar Adil Morad AL-Barwary. (2015).Detection of Newcastle Disease Virus in wild Pigeon By Serological test in Sumel Region , Journal of university of Thi- Qar vol. 10 No.1Mar.

    3- Lukman T. ; Mahdi A.and Dyar A. (2015).Detection of parasitic infection and their pathological changes in wild pigeons in Duhok province .AlQadisya Journal of Vet.Med.Sci Vol.14 ,no 2 .

  • Poultry diseases

  • 11 years

  • 14 under-graduates

  • 1-Participation in work shop about (Whom is responsible for Pollution of environment) on 8 March 2023.
    2- Participation in college of Veterinary yearly festival on 20 February 2023.

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