Scientific Research Center
Oct. 7, 2023, 3:51 p.m.


This Research Center (SRC) was established originally by a Ministry of Higher Education decree No. 1/n/165 on the 17th. Oct., 2006. The justification was to promote academic and scientific research at Duhok University. As for a start, Biotechnology domain was sought and that was attributed to the availability of senior staff with highly qualified expertise. In addition, with the generous and full support of the University, it was possible to provide the necessary and basic laboratory equipment's and chemicals needed to initiate research in this vital domain.

Biotechnology includes a range of scientific tools that can be applied to different aspects of agriculture, food production and health care. This definition covers a wide range of diverse technologies including for example, the use of DNA markers in detection genes of interest or genetic diseases, gene cloning and gene transfer, vegetative reproduction and embryo transfer in plants using tissue culture techniques. Biotechnology has received far more attention in the last few years from scientists worldwide than it has ever in the past. This may be attributed to many factors, perhaps one of the most important factors is that the global population is increasing by roughly 80 million annually and almost all population growth is in developing countries. Since the area of agricultural land available is limited, the increase in amount of food production needed to feed worlds growing population must come from increasing of food produced per hectare