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                                        Dr. Zubayda Shahen Saifaldeen
Dr. Zubayda Shahen Saifaldeen
Imaging Processes

    • 2010-2014 PhD. Study in the Dept. of Applied Science, College of Math. And Science, University of Arkansas at Little Rock (UALR), Little Rock, AR, USA
    • 2004-2007   M.Sc study in the Dept. of Physics, College of Education, University of Dohuk, Kurdistan, Iraq.
    • 1997-2002   B.Sc study in the Dept. of Physics, College of Science,University of Dohuk, Kurdistan Region, Iraq.


    1. An article published in Journal of Nanoscience and Nanotechnology (Growth of ZnO Nanorod and Nanoflower Structures by Facile Treatment of Zinc Thin Films in Boiling De-Ionized Water).
    2. An article published in Applied Surface Science (The effect of polar end of long-chain fluorocarbon oligomers in promoting the superamphiphobic property over multi-scale rough Al alloy surfaces).
    3. An article published in  Advanced Engineering Materials (Robust Superamphiphobic Nanoscale Copper Sheet).
    4. An article published in the Journal of Materials Science (Superamphiphobic aluminum alloy surfaces with micro and nanoscale hierarchical roughness produced by a simple and environmentally friendly technique).
    5. M.Sc. Thesis entitled “Identification and Classification of Clouds through Satellite Images using Visual Interpretation and Integrated Classification Methods”. 

    • My primary research interest lie in the field of surface science and material science. Development of novel thin film and nanostructured materials for different applications such as self-cleaning. Creating of super-repellant surfaces toward liquids is one area of special interest, and is the subject of my four articles that have been published in peer-reviewed journals and several participation in international conferences and Expo. 


    • Thin Film Deposition
    • Electricity and Magnetism 



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  • Attended Conferences

    • Materials Research Society (MRS) conference Fall 2013.
    • Student Research & Creative Works Expo 2013.
    • Student Research & Creative Works Expo 2014.
    • Arkansas Academy of Science Spring 2014 Meeting.
    • The First Kurdistan Physicists Conference, Erbil 2006


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