Academic Staff

                                        Dr. Haval Y. Yacoob Aldosky
Dr. Haval Y. Yacoob Aldosky ____________________________
  • - 1992 Bachelor of Science (BSc) in Physics, University of Mosul, Iraq

    - 1998 Master of Science (MSc), Biophysics, University of Duhok, Kurdistan Region, Iraq

    - 2006 Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.), Biomed physics, University of Duhok, Kurdistan Region, Iraq

    - 2008-2009: Postdoctoral Researcher (Biomedical Engineering), Lund University, Lund, Sweden

  • A. Articles in scientific journals with an international referee system

    1- Psychophysical Correlates of Acceleration Stress for Thrill Seekers. 2022

    2- Effect of types of stimuli, handedness, and gender differences on reaction time among adult students during the COVID-19 pandemic. Biomedical Human Kinetics. 2022

    3- Effects of The Long-Time Wearing of Gloves by Health Care Workers Managing Covid-19 Assessed by Electrodermal Activity: a pilot study. International Journal of online and Biomedical Engineering. 2021

    4- Al-Delaimi Muna Salman, Aldosky Haval Y. Yacoob. Amending the Efficiency of Antimicrobials against Multidrug-Resistant Pseudomonas aeruginosa by Low-Frequency Magnetic Fields. Bulletin of Experimental Biology and Medicine. 2020

    5- Bari, D.S., Yacoob Aldosky, H.Y. & Martinsen, Ø.G. Simultaneous measurement of electrodermal activity components correlated with age-related differences. J Biol Phys (2020).

    6- Aldosky, Yacoob H.Y, Bari, D.S. Electrodermal Activity: Simultaneous Recordings DOI:

    7- Byproducts of lithotripsy: Are they related to abdominal fat and wave characteristics? Journal of Taibah University Medical Sciences. 2019

    8- Electrodermal activity responses for quantitative assessment of felt pain. J Electr Bioimp, vol. 9, pp. 52-58, 2018. DOI: 10.2478/joeb-2018-0010.

    9- Influence of Relative Humidity on Electrodermal Levels and Responses. Skin Pharmacol Physiol. 2018; 31(6):298-307. DOI: 10.1159/000492275.

    10- Regional body fat distribution assessment by bioelectrical impedance analysis and its correlation with anthropometric indices. Physics in Medicine 5 (2018) 15–19.

    11- Electrodermal responses to discrete stimuli measured by skin conductance, skin potential, and skin susceptance. Skin Res Technol. 2018 Feb; 24(1):108-116. DOI: 10.1111/srt.12397.

    12- Assessment of patients X-ray doses at three government hospitals in Duhok city lacking requirements of effective quality control. Journal of Radiation Research and Applied Sciences Vol. 10, (3), 2017: 183-187.,

    13- Feasibility Recording Simultaneously Electrodermal Activity Parameters: A Review. Conference: International Conference of Natural Science 2017. DOI:10.31530/17001.

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    17- Bioelectrical Impedance Method for Assessing Later Body Composition Considering the Influence of Breastfed on Gender. 2013, International Journal of Human Science, Vol: 10 Issue: 2, pp. 601–610.

    18- A New System for Measuring Electrical Conductivity of Water as a Function of Admittance. 2011, Journal of Electric Bioimpedance, Vol. 2, pp. 86–92.

    B. Domestic Journals

    1- Optimum Tilt Angle for South Facing Flat Solar Collectors in Duhok City. 2013, Journal of University of Zakho. Vol.1, No.1 pp 405-413

    2- Effect of power line frequency magnetic field on some parameters and red blood cell volume.2005, Journal of Dohuk University, Vol. 8 No. 2

    3- Erythrocyte Sedimentation Rate under Electromagnetic Fields.2003, Journal of Dohuk University, Vol. 6 No. 1.

    4- Enhancement of Erythrocyte Aggregation (Rouleau Formation) by Constant Magnetic Field. 2001, Journal of Dohuk University, Vol. 4 No. 1

    5- A Biomathmatical Model for the Effect of Pulsed Magnetic Field on Blood Clotting Time and RBC Count. Journal of Dohuk University (JDU), 1999, Vol. 2, Number 1

  • 1- Radiation biophysics

    2- Electrical Bioimpedance

    3- Bioelectromagnetism

    4- Neural Network and Simulation in Medicine

  • a) Teaching Skills:

    1- Postgraduate courses for (Ph.D. & MSc Students) and Undergraduate courses.

    2- Regularly supervise practical Labs for undergraduate students and have supervised the undergraduate research projects of final year students.

    3- Have led several seminars for undergraduates in the Physics department.

    b) Course lectures:

    - BSc Courses: Classical Mechanics, Electricity & Magnetism, Biophysics, Medical Physics (for medical, Dentistry, and Pharmacy students), and Electromagnetic Theory

    - MSc Courses: Electrical Bioimpedance, Radiation Dosimetry, and Physics of Ultrasound

    -Ph.D. Courses: Radiation Biophysics, Bioimpedance of tissues

  • a) Supervision Master students

    1. Supervision postgraduate (Diploma) projects. Radiation Survey in Nuclear Laboratory of College of Science. 2007
    2. Optimum Tilt Angle for South Facing Flat Solar Collectors in Duhok City-2011
    3. A Study to Determine the Association of Body Fat Ratio with Heart Disease Risks in Women by Bioelectric Impedance Analysis-2014
    4. Association of the Abdominal Visceral Fat in complicating side effects of Extracorporeal Shock Wave Lithotripsy-2017
    5. Assessment of patients X-ray doses at three government hospitals in Duhok city lacking requirements of effective quality control-2017

    b) Supervision Ph.D. students

    1- Simultaneous Measurements of Various Electrodermal Activity Parameters for Psychophysiological Applications-2019

  • Conferences

    1- A Unified Biophysical model Describe Direct Indirect Action of Ionizing Radiation.2006, Proceedings in the 1st Human, Life, and Radiation Conference, Rafsanjan University of Medical Science. 29-31 October 2006.

    2- A Study to Determine the Association of Body Fat Ratio with Heart Disease Risks in Women by Bioelectric Impedance Analysis. International Conference on Computational and Experimental Science and Engineering, Antalya, Turkey, 25-29 October 2014

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