Academic Staff

                                        Dr. Zanyar A. Ameen
Dr. Zanyar A. Ameen __________
Assistant Professor
Measure Theory and Related Areas
    • 2015 PhD Degree, Pure Mathematics, Measure Theory, (UEA) University of East Anglia, England, UK.
    • 2009 Master Degree, Pure Mathematics, General Topology, (UoD) University of Duhok
    • 2006 Bachelor Degree, Mathematics, (UoD) University of Duhok
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    27. Zanyar A Ameen. A new class of semi-open sets in topological spaces. MSc, Duhok University, 2009.

    • Measure Theory
    • General Topology
    • Soft Topology
    • Fuzzy Topology
    • Their Applications

  • Undergraduate:

    • Calculus, Mathematics I:  1st Year Student.
    • Programming: 1st Year Student.
    • Advanced Calculus, Topology of Real Numbers: 2nd Year Student.
    • Numerical Analysis: 3rd Year Student.


    • Research Methodology:  Master.
    • Advanced Topology: Master.
    • Advanced Mathematical Analysis: Master.
    • Measure Theory: Master.
    • Selected Topics in Topology: PhD.

  • Master Students:

    • Amad Shafiq Sulaiman (University of Zakho, 2021)
    • Zahra Abdullah Tanha (University of Duhok, current)
    • Harzheen Duski Abdullkareem (University of Duhok, current)


  • No CV available