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                                        Dr. SUHAD ABDULRAHMAN YASIN
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    Sharaf Zeebaree, Amal Jamil Sadiq Albarwary, Ali Yaseen Sharaf Zebari, Husaen Abdalelah Gerjees, Surfaces and Interfaces, 32,2022.



  • * International interviews:

    - Vogue Arabic on 2020

    - Nature Middle East on 2019

    - BBC News broadcaster 2019

    * PRINCIPAL investigator of UoD PEER Project, the project has been accepted at cycle 6 /Iraq to receive a grant under the partnerships for enhanced engagement in research (PEER).

    * Volunteer projects and exhibitions at the University of Duhok:

    1. Organizing IUPAC Global Women’s Breakfast 2021 and 2022 at the University of Duhok.
    2. Participating in the Sustainable development goals international students conference with the University of Musol.
    3. The recycle plastics and plastic problem in the world project at the College of Science /University of Duhok
    4. Rearranging all halls in the Chemistry Department by drawing the periodic table on the walls.
    5. The health problems with chemicals hair dyes project at the College of Science /University of Duhok.
    6. Applying the "we love reading" international program at Duhok city.

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