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                                        Nazli Askar Shahbaz
Nazli Askar Shahbaz
Assistant Proffesor
Analytical Chemistry
    • 1980 M.SC. In Analytical chemistry, University of Mosul–College of Sciences -Department. Of Chemistry-Iraq
    • 1977 B.Sc. in chemistry from the university of Mosul.
    1. spectrophotometric determination of microgram amounts of adrenaline with chloranil
    2. Iodometric microdeterminat of formaldehyde by amplification reaction.
    3. An essential feature of photodiesterase enzyme with respect to its isolation, purification in  kidny tissue .
    4. spectrophotometric micro determination of imidazole in aqueous solution using   diazotized p-amino benzoic acid.
    5. spectrophotometric determination of dapsone via oxidative coupling with promethazine and hypochlorite.
    6. spectrophotometric determination of 4-amino antipyridine via oxidative coupling reaction with aniline and periodate.
    7. Indirect titrimetric determination of chloramphenicol using bromine.
    8. Titrimetric determiation of micrograme amounts of Lead by thiocyanate amplification after precipitation as  Pb3[Cr(SCN)6]2.

    • Analytical  Chemistry 
    • Biochemistry

    • General chemistry
    • Analytical chemistry
    • Gravimetric  and separation method 
    • Instrumental method

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