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                                        Dr. Najlaa K. Issa
Dr. Najlaa K. Issa
Assistant Proffesor
    • 2004 Ph.D in Chemistry, University  of  Basrah,  College  of Science,Iraq.
    • 1991 M.Sc in Chemistry, University  of  Basrah,  College  of Science, Iraq.
    • 1986 B.Sc in Chemistry, University  of  Basrah,  College  of Science, Iraq.
    1. Fungal contamination of Baiza (Jaji) white cheese during consumption stage in Dohuk.
    2. Antibacterial evaluation of some medicinal plants from Kurdistan region.
    3. Isolation and antibacterial evaluation of plant extracts from some medicinal plants in Kurdistan region.
    4. Hypoglycemic action and antibacterial activity of Merabolas jalaba leaves extracts.
    5. Effect of pregnancy duration on the levels of some biochemical parameters in pregnant women.
    6. Phytochemical and antibacterial investigations of some plant extract.
    7. Application of chitin (a natural biodegradable polymer) for Cu (II) removal from aqueous solution by adsorption process using batch studies.
    8. Evaluation of Antioxidant Properties of Morus nigra L. Fruit Extracts [II].
    1. Antioxidant Activity of Apple Peels Bioactive Molecules Extractives.
    2. Phytochemical analysis, antioxidant (DNA nicking assay) and antibacterial activities of Morus nigra L. fruits secondary metabolites [I].

         11.Oxidant-Antioxidant status in postmenopausal osteoporotic women in Duhok city.

    • General Biochemistry
    • Clinical chemistry
    • Phytochemistry

  • Undergraduate courses:

    • General chemistry
    • Analytical chemistry
    • Organic chemistry
    • Biochemistry

     Graduate courses:


    • Biochemistry for Diploma students
    • Special topics in biochemistry for students
    • Advanced biochemistry I for students
    • Advanced biochemistry II for Ms.C students
    • Metabolism for Ms.C students
    • Instrumentation and separation methods. for Ph.D students.

  • Masters Theses


    • Title   Isolation,  Purification  and  Identification of  Morus  nigra  L.  Fruits  Secondary  Metabolites  and  Evaluation  of Their Antioxidant Activity

          -Name   Rihan  Saadi  A.  Jabar

          -Date   2009


    • Title   Serum  copper  levels  in  patients  with  type diabetes mellitus: Relation to glycaemic contro

          -Name   Sherzad  S.  Younis

          -Date  2014


    • Title   Oxidant-Antioxidant   status   in   Diabetic   patients with retinopathy in Duhok

          -Name   Anwar   Hadi

          -Date   2016

     Title: “Oxidative stress status among osteoporotic women in Duhok city"

    Name: Fatima M. Ahmed

    Date: 2017.

    Title:  Oxidant-Antioxidant status in 2 patients with knee osteoarthritis Duhok city"

    Name: Zendan Y. Amin

    Date: 2018.

    Diploma Theses


    • Title Antibacterial  Evaluation  of Some  Medicinal Plants from Kurdistan Region

          -Name   Zirar  Mohammed  Tahir  Argushy

          -Date   2004


    • Title   Isolation  And  Antibacterial  Evaluation  Of Plant    Extracts    From    Some    Medicinal        Plants    In    Kurdistan Region

          -Name   Awaz     F.  Abdullah

          -Date  2004


    • Kurdistan  2nd  Conference  on  biological  sciences  held  at  the University of Dohuk.
    • Kurdistan  3rd  Conference  on  biological  sciences  held  at  the university of Dohuk.
    • Kurdistan  4th  Conference  on  biological sciences  held at  the University of Duhok.
    • The 4th   Conference of Microbiology and Biotechnology held   at the Universityof  Basrah.
    • 6thGlobalDiabetesSummitNovember 02-04,2015Dubai, UAE


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