Academic Staff

                                        Shina Ismat Mohammed Khaled
Shina Ismat Mohammed Khaled None
Assistant Lecturer
clinical pharmacy
  • MSc degree in 2019 UoD/IRAQ
    BSc degree in 2012 ,howler medical university/ Iraq

  • Researches

    1. Potential adverse effects of COVID19 vaccines among Iraqi population; a comparison between the three available vaccines in Iraq; a retrospective cross-sectional study

    2. Helicobacter Pylori Eradication in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq: A Randomized Clinical Trial

    3. Memory impairment among recovered COVID-19 patients: The prevalence and risk factors, a retrospective cohort study.

  • 1.clinical pharmacokinetics
    2.theoritical and practical physical pharmacy
    3.practical pharmaceutical technology
    4.practical and theoretical pharmaceutical orientation and calculations
    5.practical pharmacokinetics
    6.practical industrial pharmacy
    7.first aid

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