Higher Education and Scientific affairs
July 23, 2017, 12:22 p.m.

  • The graduate study program was launched in 1996.  The Master, Higher Diploma and Doctoral degrees program began in the academic years 1998-1999. An applicant should have a MA or MS degree and all candidates must pass a specialist examination in order to register. The program consists of three or four semesters of advanced courses culminating with written examinations. Upon completion of the courses and examinations, the student do research in their specialized field for at least two years and submit a thesis to be evaluated by an academic committee.

  • To be the leading body of the College of Medicine, University of Duhok in research and scholarship, and leadership in postgraduate studies.

  • Help to prepare scholars, researchers and medical professionals as well as medical teachers with the application of clinical studies for the service of the community. The effective use of the state of the art technology in health sciences.

  • -          To help the community with outstanding health professionals.

    -          To provide specialized medical professionals skillful in research and medical education and recognize those with leadership potentials.

    -          To improve the clinical studies and technical skills with direct impact on community health, research and teaching.

    -          To sustain a caring and supportive research and teaching environment in college in collaboration with other scientific and health related colleges.

    -          To regulate and mange higher studies effectively.