Duhok Medical Research Center
June 13, 2023, 4:29 p.m.

    The SRC of FMS (now College of Medicine) was initiated by a decree in Nov 2011. It was started from scratch and the deanery of the faculty allocated a space and partitioned  it to accommodate the newly established center, some necessary equipment  was installed and the center started functioning in February 2012, with an allocated instillation budget of 20 thousand USD by the university president.

    The staff included a director of the center, assistant director and two biologists.  Further staff was repeatedly requested but it was not approved because of restrictions in new appointments. Moreover, initial and later funding for the basic requirements was quite restricted, allowing the establishment of just a basic structure molecular laboratory.

    • Vision:

    The Duhok Medical Research Center (DMRC) at the college of medicine, university of Duhok intends to be the leading academic organization dedicated to basics and clinical medical researches in Kurdistan region, and trying to applying and facilitating high standards medical researches in our locality and to practice the very recent research methodology in providing the solutions through medical researches across community.

    • Mission:

    DMRC is committed to enhancing basic medical, clinical and related sciences research support to scholars and researchers to conduct research. The center conducts scientific and supportive workshops and training courses for scholars  and academics.  Establishing and developing research collaboration both within the university and with the external research centers, researchers and clinical diagnostic labs at local hospitals. Providing consultation to improve the research quality conducted by juniors and designing the protocols according to high standards and professional best practices. The mission will be achieved through commitment to the values of quality, excellence, service collaboration, compassion, integrity and accountability.

    • Objectives:

    -       To promote meaningful medical research at the college of medicine / UoD and liaising with basic and clinical departments at the medical colleges (College of Medicine, pharmacy, dentistry and medical sciences) teaching hospitals to harmonize research activities.

    -       To become the University’s focal point for identifying, prioritizing and coordinating medical research, publishing research information.

    -       To improve and strengthen the technical base for research through technical support and  training through workshops.

    Head of the Center

    Dr. Ghazwan Fawzi Ahmed

    Head research center
    Assistant Professor 750 484 4424

    Full Profile

    Part time Contributors:

    Dr. Hishyar Azo Najeeb ,Assistant professor of Clinical Biochemistry & Moliculer Medicine, Department of Medical Chemistrty

    Dr. Qais Ibraheem Ismaeel , Assistant professor of Molecular Biology, Head of department of Anatomy, Histology and Biology

    lecturer Aleen Sardar Zuhdi (M.Sc.), Department of Microbiology

    lecturer Haliz Sadiq Hassan (M.Sc.), Department of Microbiology

    DMRC Units:

    Molecular Biology & Hematology Unit,  (running by Dr. Aleen Sardar Zuhdi)

    Tissue Culture & Cell Biology Unit, (running by Miss Haliz Saddiq)

    Genotoxicity Unit, (running by Dr. Hishyar Azzo)

  • 1. MTHFR mutation in Acute Myocardial infarction in Duhok : MSc Project.
    Researchers :ChemanSaleemRassol. Supervised by Dr AdilAbuzaidEissa.
    Project completed and thesis submitted and accepted Nov 2015.
    2. Codon 8 (-AA) homozygoisty and genotype/phenotype correlations. A multicenter study led by the University of Boston team and our center as collaborator.
    Researchers : Multinational team.
    Results published initially at two ASH meeting and in Mar 2016 it was published in British J Haematology.
    3. Chromosomal Abnormalities in Down Syndrome in Duhok. MSc project.
    Researchers: Dian Jameel Salih. Supervised by Dr AdilAbuZaidEissa.
    Project completed and thesis submitted and accepted July 2015.
    4. Genetic Modifiers in SCA in Kurdistan.  MSc Project.
    Researchers : Shetha Qadir and Supervisor Nasir Al-Allawi,
    Project concluded and thesis submitted to be examined on 12 May 2016. Now  work has been extended and the extended work has been concluded and is ready for submission for publication.
    5. Clinical and Hematological findings in Myelodysplastic Syndrome in Duhok. Board Thesis. By SawerSabri. Supervisor Prof Nasir Al-Allawi. Most of the documentation, re-evaluation and assessment and photo-documentation done at the center.
    Project completed Nov. 2015 , thesis submitted and accepted April 2016. Now under preparation for publication.

    6. Genotype/phenotype correlations of beta thalassemia intermedia in Duhok
    Researcher : Professor Nasir Al-Allawi, DrSharaza Omar and Dr Sana Delawer (UoS-collaborative project), DrRajiDawood.

    7. Molecular Characterization of  beta thalassemia in Mousel - Master degree project then extended .  

    Researchers :DrSulavAtroshi, DrAdilIssa, DrMunaKashmoula (UoM), Professor Nasir Al-Allawi.

    Project concluded in late 2013 and published in International peer reviewed Journal.

    8. Molecular characterization of  G6PD deficient variants in Erbil province. Master degree project.

    Researchers :Deliar Abdul Karim, DrAdil Abu Zaid, Prof Nasir Al-Allawi

    Project completed and Master degree obtained Mid 2013.

    9. JAK-2 mutation in non-CML Myeloproliferative disorders - Master degree project

    Researcher :BeriAdil, Prof Nasir Al-Allawi, Dr Ahmed Al-Meshehdany (MUoH)

    Project concluded, thesis accepted and degree awarded in Sept 2014.

    Molecular Characterization of beta thalassemia mutations in Baghdad.

    Researchers: Prof Nasir Al-allawi, DrAmeerBadi, DrBassamSadiq (UoB)

    Project concluded in Mid 2013 and published late 2013 in Peer reviewed International Journal.

    11. Prothrmombin 201210 Mutation in Deep Venous thrombosis in Duhok- Masters Project. Researcher :DrHawarBallo, Dr Farida Neriway, DrNasir AL-Allawi

    Project concluded, thesis submitted and accepted in Mid 2013. Then extended and published in an international journal in 2016.

    12. Real time Quantitative PCR for BCR-ABL rearrangement in Chronic Myeloid Leukemia, and response to Tyrosine Kinase inhibitors. PhD project, extended

    DrMohamad D, Ali, DrAmeerBadi, Miss Shaima Al-Ziebary, DrNasir Al-Allawi

    Project concluded late 2013, and published in International Peer reviewed Journal in Sept 2014.

    13. Molecular characterization of G6PD variants in Mousel.  Researchers :DrAdil Abu Zaid, DrMunaKashmoula, DrNasir AL-allawi

    Project concluded  and published in International peer reviewed Journal in March 2015.

    14. Molecular characterization of Beta thalassemia Intermedia in Erbil. PhD project

    DrRawandShamoon, Prof Nasir Al-allawi, Prof Maria Cappellini (University of Milan, Italy)

    Project concluded and published in international journal.

    15. Silent 1131 mutation in G6PD non-deficient males in Duhok. Board thesis.

    Researcher :DrSalarAyoub, DrAdilabuZaidEissa, DrNasir Al-Allawi

    Project concluded late 2013, extended and now submitted for publication.

    16. Factor V Leiden in Deep Venous thrombosis in Duhok. Board thesis.Researcher :DrAmeerBadi, DrNasir Al-Allawi

    Concluded early 2013 and submitted and accepted. Later was extended and published in an international journal

    17. Spectrum of HCV genotypes among multiply transfused patients with Hemoglobinopathies. Master thesis, extended.

    AdilAbdulsalam, DrAdil Abu Zaid, DrNasir Al-Allawi, DrRajiMarkous

    Concluded in Sept 2012 , and published in peer reviewed International Journal in Jan 2014.

    18. Molecular basis and the role of QTLs in Thalintermedia in Iraq. Researchers: Nasir Al-allawi, Dr Helene Puehringer (Austria), Dr Christine Oberkanins (Austria), DrRazziqaAbdulrahem.  

    Research concluded in March 2014 and published in Jan 2015.

    19. A novel Method for treating Dentin Hypersensitivity by using Nano-flour-hydoxyapetitie and NdiXag Laser. PhD Dentistry (Part of the work done at the center)

    Researcher: Saeed Ali Mohammed, Khulood Al-Sofi, RaadNiamaDayem

    The work at the center concluded Mid 2013 and PhD obtained.

    20.A novel Nano-calicum polyurethane -Base root canal obturation  material. PhD project. (part of the work done at the cneter)

    Researcher :DrBaharSelivany, Dr Salem Al-Sammarai, DrRaadNeemaDayem.

    The work at the center concluded, PhD obtained.

    21. Methylene tetrahydrofolatereductase C677T in Deep Venous thrombosis. Researcher :DrNasir Al-Allawi

    Project just concluded, and now published as part of a broader paper in an international Journal.

    22. Molecular basis of Plavix resistance in Cardiac patients. Researcher :Dr Amin Musa and DrNasir AL-Allawi

    Research in progress 70% completed. Abstract of the initial results have been accepted in international cardiology conference in Paris as an oral presentation.

    23. Genetic Cardiovascular risk factors in young patients with Myocardial Infarction. Research project in collaboration with Research center in MUoH.

    Researchers :DrKalawizothman, Dr Amin Musa, DrNasir Al-Allawi

    Research in Progress 80% finished.

    24. Sickle cell disease molecular basis among Kurds. Extended from earlier multiple projects.

    Researchers : Prof Nasir Al-Allawi, DrKalwiz Othman, Shaima Al-Zibary, DrAwny Al-Shinaly, DrRajiMarkous, DrJaladetJubrael.

    Only the later part of the work done at the center , the rest in the SRC at college of Science. Concluded and Published in Mid 2012.

    25. Alpha thalassemia molecular spectrum among Kurds in Sulamiani. MSc Project Extended by further molecular workup.

    Researchers, DrNajeebRasheed,,Dr Sana Dalawer Jalal, Prof Nasir Al-Allawi

    Concluded and published  in 2013.

    26. Molecular Basis of beta thalassemia in Basrah. Researchers : DrNasir Al-allawi, DrMeaadAsfoor (university of Basrah), DrSaad Al-Omar (University of Basrah), Dr Sana Jalal (University of Sulaimani)

    50% concluded. Waiting for funding from University of Basrah.

    27. Pulmonary Hypertension in Sickle cell anemia .Board thesis.

    Researcher :DrShakirAbdulrahman, DrNasir Al-Allawi, Dr Amin Musa.

    Project concluded, data reanalyzed and now under consideration for publication.

    28. Exome Sequencing for consanguineous families with recessive disorders. A multicenter project led by university of Geneva.

    The work has been concluded and now is published in Hum Mut 2014, and BMC Med Genet 2014.

    29. Exome Sequencing in Neurodegenerative disorders. A multicenter project led by the University of California.

    The work concluded and published in Science 2014.

  • 1. Workshop on the molecular basis of thalassemia with ViennaLab Diagnostics -Austria at the centre (6-7 April 2013) Organized by the center and included participant from all over the country. (13 participants)

    2. Workshop on Basic Molecular techniques for Haematologists. (11-12 June 2014). (12  participants)

    3. Practical hands on Workshop on Transfusion, Scientific Research Center, FMS, UoD, Duhok, Iraq.  (June 2015) [12 participants]

    4.Problem Resolution on Transfusion Medicine Workshop, Scientific Research Center, UoD, Duhok, Iraq (May 2016).[19 participants]

    5. Workshop on the interpretation of HPLC and CE Gel electrophoresis in the context of suspected Hemoglobin disorders. Scientific Research Center, University of Duhok, Duhok.Iraq (August 2015).[12 participants].

    6. Preconception Care meeting arranged by the Eastern Mediterranean region of the World Health Organization – Muscat – Sultanate of Oman. Professor Nasir Al-Allawi gave an oral presentation on behalf of the center. (March 2015).

    7. Workshop on Morphology for Hematopathologists – Visiting DrFiriadHawizi (UK). (Attendents 15]. 8th Nov 2015.

    8. Workshop on How to Write and Publish a Scientific Article. 28th Nov 2016.

  • 1. University of Milan - Italy .

    2. University of Boston USA. (lead to publication)

    3. ViennaLab Diagnostics Austria (Publication pending).

    4. University of California USA.(lead to publication)

    5. University of Geneva Switzerland (lead to multiple publications).

    6. University of social Welfare and rehabilitation- Tehran

    1. MTHFR C677T polymorphism and thyroid cancer risk in Duhok, Kurdistan Region –Iraq

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  • Anti-leukemic effect of polyphenol that extracted from grape seeds in Duhok

    governorate (M.Sc. project)

    - The association between histological characterization and chromosomal

    aberration in bladder cancer (M.Sc. project).

    - MTHFR mutation among NTD neonates in Duhok city (M.Sc. project).

    - MTHFR gene mutations association with thyroid cancer Duhok city.

    - The profile of CFH gene mutations among Behcet’s disease patients in Duhok