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                                        Ahmed Mohammed Salih
Ahmed Mohammed Salih Head, Medical Research Center, College of Medicine
Molecular Microbiology and Immunology
  • PhD, Molecular microbiology, University of Duhok [Iraq] in collaboration with the University of Nottingham [UK]
    MSc, Molecular Medical Microbiology, University of Nottingham, UK
    MSc, Immunology, University of Salahaddin- Hawler, Iraq
    BSc, Biology, University of Mosul, Iraq

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  • Molecular Medical Microbiology
    Molecular and Medical Immunology
    Molecular Oncology
    Medical Education

  • • As a professor of molecular microbiology and immunology, I committed to be teaching duties in both undergraduate and postgraduate students, also I am spending much of my time in the research field through supervising the M.Sc. and Ph.D. students and also sharing other researchers in the university to conduct researches.

    • For the last 5 years, since 2018 when the curriculum of the college of medicine at the university of Duhok has been changed rom the subject based into the integrated and module based system, I have been involved in teaching the (Infection and Immunity module) for the third year medical students. Before that, since 1996 until 2018, I have been teaching the medical immunology for the third med students when getting my first M.Sc. in immunology. Once I earned my second M.Sc. degree and Ph.D. degree in the field of (Molecular Medical Microbiology ) with the collaboration of Nottingham university, UK, I have started since 2006 to teach the Molecular Microbiology and Immunology for postgraduate students (both Ph.D. and M.Sc.) in medical college and science students at the university of Duhok. All my researches are conducted in the field of (Molecular Microbiology and
    • The other part of my working time is usually spent for research management. As a chief, medical research center, I need to collaborate with other departments at the college including the research, to draw and prioritize research projects to fulfill the scientific plan at the college.

  • • Assessment of hospital acquired infections due to MRSA in Duhok city, 2007. M.Sc.
    • Sensitization of human cord blood lymphocytes against CEA under heat shock
    conditions, 2008, M.Sc.
    • HLA typing using SSP-PCR in comparison with the serological methods in Duhok City,
    2008, M.Sc.
    • Using nested PCR in detecting Rifampicin resistant TB, 2011, M.Sc.
    • Clinical and epidemiological characterization of Mycobacterium TB isolated from Duhok
    province, 2012. Ph.D.
    • Detection of BRAF mutation among thyroid cancer patients in Duhok, 2013, M.Sc.
    • Genotyping of Echinococcus granulosis isolated from human and some domestic
    animals using RFLP, 2013, Ph.D.

    • The role of PCT in Streptcoccus pneumonia infections, 2014, M.Sc.
    • The role of PCT in Salmonella typhi infections, 2014, M.Sc.
    • The level of IL-1 & IL-8 secreted in Saliva in Bahjet disease patients, 2014, M.Sc.
    • Detection of H-pylori in aphthus stomatis patients using PCR, 2015, M.Sc.
    • Anti- cellular compartment antibody level in Behcets disease patients, 2015, M.Sc.
    • The validity of HBsAg test in active chronic hepatitis B diagnosis. 2016, ongoing M.Sc.
    • Heat shock (40, 70 , 90) profile among hepatitis B patients in Duhok city. 2020, Ph.D.
    • Braf gene methylation in thyroid cancer patients. 2016, Ph.D. project 2020
    • Hepatitis C infection, PhD project, 2019
    • Latent TB infections among close contact. M.Sc project. 2020
    • Prevalence and outcomes of diabetes among covid-19 patients
    in Duhok covid-19 health facilities: a cross-sectional study. MSc
    project, 2022
    • Covid 19 association with vitamin D, PhD project, ongoing
    • Incidence of enterococci in Kurdistan Region, PhD prohect, ongoing.

  • • University of Glasgow, Erasmus Plus workshop, Scotland, UK, 2022
    • Medi-Tach workshop, Leipzig, Germany, September 2019
    • Medi-Tech workshop, Malta, June 2019
    • EACR-ESMO joint conference on liquid biopsies, Bergamo, Italy, 15-17 May
    • Medical education, Slovakia, sponsored by Erasmus Mondos + (EU), MediTech, 21-24
    November 2018
    • Professional Development Workshop, Bridgewater State University, Boston, USA, 2013.
    • Collaboration workshop between Michigan State University and University of Duhok on
    Higher Education, Michigan State University Michigan, USA, 2013.
    • Best practices in publishing research, UoD, 2012
    • University staff development, UoD, 2012
    • Scientific conference of the faculty of medical sciences, UoD, 2012.
    • Staff Development training for medium level leaders of universities (University of
    Kassel, Germany), 2012.
    • Infection control in hospitals, Shahid Beheshti Hospital, Tehran, Iran, 2009.
    • Molecular techniques in the diagnosis of trans-boundary diseases, Razi Research
    • Tehran, Iran, 2008
    • Molecular Techniques in Disease Diagnosis, Pendik Research Center, Istanbul, Turkey,
    • Molecular Techniques, UoD, 2007
    • ELISA Technique (FAO, UN), UoD, 2001

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