Medical Education Development
March 7, 2022, 2:43 a.m.



We aim at changing, improving, regulating and continuously monitoring our learning styles and the overall learning process in a way that fulfills the demand of the accreditation process of our college.


Our department is one of Duhok medical college departments. We work in collaboration with the dean office, scientific committees, students and other departments to accomplish our vision.


1. Changing the concept of classic teaching into a comprehensive learning process.

2. Gradual introduction of the integration policy both vertical and horizontal.

3. To introduce the concept of problem solving learning rather than the subject based style in collaboration with the curriculum committee.

4. To gradually increase the role of students. Changing the learning styles from teacher centered to student centered learning.

5. Working at the students and teachers levels to introduce the principle of critical thinking as a basic trend in teaching.

6. Early students meeting: students to be met early in their college life. Introducing them to the college learning strategies and the shifting from pedagogy to andragogy styles.

7. Continuously monitoring the learning process, taking feedback and modify accordingly.

8. Improving the student assessment system towards problem solving and questions that stimulate the critical thinking of students.

9. The department tends to push toward giving the students more skilss and attitude during their collge life

10. The student should have the desire toward continuous post graduate learning

11. The students should know that learning is  for future application and they should have the ability to use college information , skills and attitude for future application.

12. The teachers and student should be accustomed to the use of new technology in teaching.