Academic Staff

                                        Sherwan Farman Salih
Sherwan Farman Salih Head of the Department.
Assistant Prof.
Clinical Biochemistry
  • Fellow Iraqi board of medical specialties- pathology (chemical pathology)

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  • clinical biochemistry

  • Teaching Basic Biochemistry course for second class in College of Medicine
    Teaching Clinical Biochemistry course for fourth class in Health Science College
    Teaching Clinical Biochemistry course for fifth class in Pharmacy College
    Teaching Clinical Biochemistry course for postgraduate students (Diploma, M.Sc and PhD in Clinical Biochemistry and in Pathology)
    Teaching, training and participation in the Kurdistani Board of Medical Specialization in Pathology
    Teaching, training and participation in the Iraqi Board of Medical Specializations – pathology (Chemical Pathology)

  • postgraduate supervision (17 students)
    M.Sc. in Clinical Biochemistry: 8 students
    PhD in Clinical Biochemistry: 2 students
    Board students in chemical pathology: 7 students

  • Psychosocial training program for health care staff and social workers PSETC center 1999-2000 Duhok
    The first international symposium on breast cancer pathology and update on treatment modalities 2005 Erbil
    Train the trainer, Royal College of Pathologists 2013 Erbil
    The first scientific conference on Gynecology and Obstetrics 2016 Duhok
    New updates in Hemato-Oncology 2016 Duhok
    Choose and write research references workshop 2016 Duhok
    Duhok Acromegaly symposium 2016 Duhok
    Training course on chromatography (HPLC and GC) Duhok
    Training course on biochemistry autoanalyzer Sweden
    The second scientific conference of faculty of medical science of Duhok University Duhok
    Methods of teaching students in Duhok University Duhok
    Training course on chromatography (HPLC and GC)
    Breast cancer symposium 2016 Duhok

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