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                                        Hishyar Azo Najeeb
Hishyar Azo Najeeb Vice Dean
Assistant Prof.
Clinical Biochemistry & Molecular Medicine
  • B.V.M & S at university of Duhok, College of Vet. Medicine
    MSc,. In clinical Biochemistry, University of Duhok, College of Medicine
    PhD in Cancer Studies & Molecular Medicine, College of Medicine, Leicester University (UK)

  • BTK modulates p53 activity to enhance apoptotic and senescent responsesM Althubiti, M Rada, J Samuel, JM Escorsa, H Najeeb, KG Lee, KP Lam, ...Cancer research
    • Posttranscriptional upregulation of p53 by reactive oxygen species in chronic lymphocytic leukemia J Samuel, S Jayne, Y Chen, A Majid, A Wignall, T Wormull, H Najeeb, ...Cancer research, canres. 0843.2016
    • Redox modulation of oxidative and radiation-induced DNA strand break damage GDDJ Hishyar A Najeeb,Victor Alfred, Charlotte Lee, Soteroula Panayiotou ...61st Annual Meeting of the Radiation Research Society, At Weston, FL, USA
    • Redox modulation of oxidatively-induced DNA damage by ascorbate selectively enhances DNA damage formation in melanoma cancer-cells and enhances cell-killing Hishyar Najeeb, Karen Bowman, George Jones 2014 NCRI Cancer Conference
    • The role of Ascorbate in Oxidative Stress in Malignant Melanoma Cancer Cells HA Najeeb, MW Stuttard, KJ Bowman, R Haywood, GDD Jones The 34th EORTC-PAMM BACR Winter Meeting, At Wales / Cardiif
    • MELANOMA CANCER CELL DNA DAMAGE & CELL KILLING NHBKG Jones 41st Annual Meeting of the European Radiation Research Society, ERR2014, At
    • Proliferating CLL Cells Express Abundant But Transcriptionally Compromised TP53 Protein AH Wignall, H Najeeb, A Majid, S Jayne, GD Jones, S Macip, MJS Dyer Blood 122 (21), 4134-4134
    • Parental history of coronary artery disease among adults with hypothyroidism (published in Annals of Medicine and Surgery)
    • Vitamin D level and endogenous DNA damage in patients with cancers in Duhok city, KRG-Iraq (published in Annals of Medicine and Surgery)
    • DNA damage among health workers in radiology departments of Duhok hospitals, Kurdistan Region-Iraq (accepted for publication in Journal of Science at Kofa university-Iraq)
    • DNA damage level in peripheral blood cells among Narghile smokers and non-smokers- Kurdistan Region-Iraq (In progress for publication)
    • S100A4 & S100A6 proteins expression promotes migration of bladder cancer cells in zebrafish (accepted for publication by Medical Journal of Babylon
    • The significance of serum anti-rituximab (anti-CD20 monoclonal antibody) antibodies in treatment response of patients with B- cells disorders
    • Hishyar Azo Najeeb, Karzan Khowaraham Karim, Galawezh Obaid Othman, Ayad Ahmad Mohammed, Ahmed Mohammed Salih, Soleen Sardar Zuhdi, Dian Jamel, DNA damage level in lymphocytes and buccal epithelial cells in Narghile smokers and non-smokers in Duhok city-KRG-Iraq, Oral Oncology Reports
    • Rashad, M. H., & Najeeb, H. A. (2022). Oxidative DNA damage level in relationship to zinc status in patients complaining hair fall, in Duhok city, Krg-Iraq: A case-control study. International Journal of Health Sciences, 6(S7), 4427–4439.

  • Tissue culture and mechanisms of therapies, oxidative stress, DNA damage mechanisms and measurement, DNA repair mechanisms, clinical and experimental studies

  • I did my PhD in a world-renowned university department; with significant experience in laboratories/clinical researches and in medical teaching. Having experience in the field of clinical biochemistry and molecular studies enabled me to work and publish advanced research articles in one of the top one journals in the world., I am skillful in Laboratory medicine, Laboratory data analysis and interpretation, clinical case studies and scenario design, leading the small group discussion, postgraduate teaching, Large group lecture., During my PhD study I had intensive English training courses for academic purposes at the University of Nottingham and the University of Leicester (Insessional Academic English)., I have experience in statistic and medical data analysis using SPSS and PrismGraph software., I have good experience to use different computer programs including Excel, Microsoft word, Microsoft power point.

  • Supervised two MSc students

  • I am an assistant professor of clinical biochemistry and molecular medicine working as a medical instructor and researcher with experience in integrating objective researches related to clinical biochemistry, cancer studies and molecular medicine. I have been working as a head of phase-I of medical integrated system and teaching two integrated modules.

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