Prevention, Orthodontic & Pedodontics

P.O.P is the abbreviation of  prevention, orthodontics & pedodontics.

P.O.P is one of the branches of the college of dentistry & this branch is opened at 2014.

The department provides courses about the concept of orthodontics, Pediatric and Preventive Dentistry. Topics related to physiology of stomatognathic systems of various malocclusions. The esthetic standards are taken into consideration throughout the teaching modules. Meanwhile, concerning Pediatric and Preventive Dentistry the department provide theoretical and practical learning about different methods for prevention of oral diseases, improving oral hygiene and treatment of different caries lesions of primary and permanent teeth using different restorative materials, in addition, treatment of different traumatic teeth. It also deals with the operations of developing the skills needed for BDS and M.Sc. through applying the dental requirements for the course.


  • Excellence the  educational programs that provide a high standard of clinical training for both undergraduate and postgraduate students.
  • Highly innovative research that will have a remarkable impact on developing dental sciences.
  •  Motivating and improving the skills of graduates
  • Recognition of the high academic standards of the Department at both regional and international levels.
  • Becoming a trusted academic & clinical oral health center of care for complex restorative,malocclusion,crowding &oral health problems.


p.o.p Department encompasses the specialities of orthodontic Dentistry, Dental Public Health, Pedodontics & Prevention. The Department aims to advanced patient care specialy childs and participate in promoting oral health of the community.


The objectives of this branch (P.O.P) is to:


  • Prepare students with the necessary knowledge.
  • Improve the standards of both undergraduate and postgraduate studies.
  • Make contacts with other universities whether national or international
  • Develop research and teaching skills of the college members.
  • Prepare academic staff with high degrees