Dental Basic Sciences
March 29, 2022, 10:01 a.m.
  • Dental basic sciences department:

Department of dental basic sciences includes different medical specialty that the students of college of dentistry learning the basic medical sciences that accompany and go side by side with other dental sciences through the first three years. Basic medical sciences are essential for building proper medical education in order to build knowledges and foundation for practicing dental medical sciences.

Primarily we are concentrating first on basic sciences like physics, basic biochemistry and biology in the first year, then after we take the students through normal human medical sciences like physiology, anatomy and histology, all are including the general and oral parts. Last, we build a general medical knowledges to grow a medically thinking mind to behave like a physician mean by giving the students subjects like: general medicine, general surgery, general pathology, medical pharmacology and medical microbiology.

Our knowledge are always concentrating on the correlation between general/basic medical and dental sciences. Our department is a rapidly growing branch of college regarding the human resources as it includes many lecturers in different medical specialty having master, PhD and Board degrees, some of them are general medical doctors.

Practical sessions are an important part of education using well-equipped laboratories with the opportunity for student to work with their own hands and the students will have contact experience with patients in teaching hospitals.


  • Vision

Our vision is to provide a high level of basic and general medical sciences to build the foundation for practicing dental medicine properly.


  • Mission

We are concentrating on giving basic sciences to dental students in order to understand the proper way of dealing with different dental diseases in the term of diagnosis and management.


  • Objective

Making the students to be oriented about the basic structures of the body.
Using the laboratory tests and procedures as tools to understand the role of laboratory medicine which is crucial also for the future development of researches.
Taking the students to look under the microscopic to the normal and abnormal tissue of the body to have imagination about what changes are happening in our body in case of diseases.
Practicing medicine and contacting with patients to know the history and physical examination which is part of diagnosis and management of every medical branch.
Pharmacology is an essential part of practicing medicine to know the interaction and effect of different drugs on the human body.