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                                        Dr. Sulaiman Naif Ami
Dr. Sulaiman Naif Ami
Plant Nematology

    • 1998 Ph.D.of plant Nematology/ University of Mosul/Iraq 
    • 1985M.Sc.of plant Nematology in 1985 From University of Mosul/ Iraq
    • 1978B.Sc. of plant protection/ Universityof Mosul/Iraq


  • 50 published  research included in my CV

  • Plant Parasitic Nematodes

  • I have 33 year of  teaching  experience as shown below :

    A-Courses for Undergraduate

        students :

       1-General Zoology

       2- Biology

    3-Principles of Plant Pathology 1

        4-Principles of Plant pathology 2

        5-Orchards diseases

        6- Principles of plant protection

        7- Nematology

        8-Academic debates.

    B- Courses for  Postgraduate


    1- Advanced Nematology.

    2-Advanced plant nematode


    3-Advanced nematode biology

    4- Advanced nematode  taxonomy

    5-Advanced nematode structure   and taxonomy

  • A-Undergraduate students:

    1-Supervision on agricultural projects of 3rd year students

    2-Supervision on  seminars of 4th year students

    B- Postgraduate students:  

    5 M.Sc. +  1 Ph.D = 6

  • Included in my  CV

  •   07502357968

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