Academic Staff

                                        Dr. Abid Ali Hasan
Dr. Abid Ali Hasan Teaching Staff
Agriculture Extension
  • Ph.D    2007

  • 1- The study of student Attitudes in college of Agriculture Dohuk University toward agriculture work and its relationship with Some factors .1988

    2- Adoption of new techniques among bee-keepers in Amelia district and its relationship with same factors,2000

    3- Needs of Agriculture Extension workers in Dohuk and Erbil governorates for some Agriculture Extension knowledge's and competencies  in the field of rural development and Social change .2004

    4- Training Needs of Agriculture Extension workers in Dohuk and Erbil governorates for some  Agriculture extension knowledge and competencies in some as pacts of   Extension work.2004

    5- An Economic  study of the costs of Rice production in Deralok – Amadia  Empirical., 2004

    6- Using modified Borich needs assessment to identify the knowledge and skills in the field of communication on and agricultural extension for the Agriculture extension workers in Dohuk and Erbil governorates. 2004

    7. Extension Training needs of Agriculture Extension workers in Kerkuk and Sulaimania governorates. 2009,Tikrit university.

    8- The Evaluation of extension training courses in Agriculture Extension training center in Malta-Dohuk During 2008-2009, Journal of Mosul University 2010.

    9- Sustainable rural development in Iraqi Kurdistan region betwee 1992-2001 and the role of local NGO’s (case study), presented in WSST – South Africa 2002.

    10- Sustainable agriculture 1998 (book).

    11- Job performance of Agriculture Extension workers in Dohuk and Sulaimania Governorate and its relationship with some factors,  2013

    12- Training needs of rangeland and forestry staff in iraqi Kurdistan Region ,Alexandria Journal of scientific exchange , Alexandria University ,Egypt 2015

    13- The training Needs of greenhouses griowers in Halabja District , Cairo University ,2015

    14.Knowledge Level of Tomato Farmers on Post-harvest Techniques in Halabja Governorate in Iraqi Kurdistan Region , Journal of Dohuk University ,2016

    15. Implementation Level of Tomato growers on Post-Harvest Techniques in Halabja Governorate in Iraqi Kurdistan Region , Journal of Thi Qar University ,2016

    16.Knowlge Level of Rural Women on Food Manufactories in Bagerat Collective Town –Dohuk governorate, Kerkuk University Journal, 2016.

    17. The Evaluation of the training courses of Non-governmental Organization in Dohuk in 2014 , Kerkuk University Journal, 2016

    18- The political, Social and Extension participation of Rural Women in Halabja governorate in Kurdistan Region of Iraq, Journal of Agriculture College 444 ,4,2017  , Zagazig University, Egypt.

  • Rural Development 

  • Agriculture Extension

    Rural Development

    Agriculture Extension Planning

    Monitoring And Evaluation of Extension Program

    Agriculture Extension Methods

  • 4  High Diploma

    6 MSc.

    2 Ph.D

  • -          Creating Job Opportunities for IDPs and Refugees

    -          Humanitarian  Activities

    -          Coordination of Civil Society organization in Kurdistan and Iraq

    -          Vocational training for Unemployment youth and women  in Dohuk and Mosul Governorates

    -          Managing Livelihood program in New liberated areas of Mosul Governorate   

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