Kurdish Language
May 10, 2023, 5:32 p.m.

The department of Kurdish Language was established in 2001. This department submits its students to study for four years to gain a Bachelor degree to work in governmental establishments. Students of this department are provided with the necessary skills and experiences required in their future careers. The course of undergraduate study is rigorous and comprehensive, including lectures that impart an overall knowledge of the basic principles and essential details regarding the field of specialty. The students also study along with their specialty; lectures in basic computers

The department is concerned with introducing the students to various steps of development of the Kurdish Language. In the advanced stages, the curricula goes in depth to provide the students with knowledge and experience to enable them to master and control these curricula, therefore  helping them to become experts in their specialty. The study system starts  mid-September every academic year,  and concludes by the end of June. During the length of this system students must sit seasonal exams and final tests in every class. The department provides opportunities for students in multi-disciplinary research and study based on major disciplines to broaden their understanding of production. 

The objective of this department, is to prepare students to be qualified teachers for primary and intermediate schools. The college provides students with the basic principles for teaching in addition to psychological and educational subjects that deal with each specialization. The college is aware of the importance of passing down the Kurdish language and it literature and the Department of Kurdish Language was designed to pass on this knowledge to future generations.