The University of Duhok Hosts its First Agricultural Summit
April 29, 2024, 11:34 a.m.

On April 16, 2024, the University of Duhok orchestrated the highly anticipated First Agricultural Summit at the Conventions Center, symbolizing a remarkable advancement in the region's agricultural domain. Under the esteemed patronage of Mr. Masrour Barzani, Prime Minister of the Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG), and in collaboration with influential stakeholders including the Ministry of Agriculture and Water Resources in the Kurdistan Region, the KRG’s Board of Investment, and FARMERS Company, the summit united a diverse cohort of experts, policymakers, academics, and industry leaders to deliberate on the theme "Towards Sustainable Agriculture and Environment."

The summit unfolded with an esteemed opening ceremony, graced by welcoming speeches from Dr. Dawood S. Atrushi, President of the University of Duhok, and Begard Talabani, Minister of Agriculture and Water Resources, representing the KRG. Their addresses set the tone for the day's deliberations, emphasizing the paramount importance of sustainable agricultural practices in catalyzing economic growth and environmental stewardship in the region.

Subsequently, attendees were treated to enlightening keynote addresses by distinguished figures in the agricultural realm. Laurent Journo, from the U.S. Department of Agriculture, and Philippe OUAKI DI GIORNO, renowned inventor of POLYTER Technology from France, delivered insightful perspectives on agricultural innovation and technology transfer.

The summit's agenda comprised a series of engaging panel discussions, each dissecting critical facets of agricultural development and sustainability. Panels such as "Agricultural Production, Investment, Security, and Marketing: Challenges and Opportunities", "The Role of Universities, Politics, and Media in Improving Sustainable Agriculture", "Products Health and Agrochemical Safety", "Poultry Industry and Challenges: Diseases, Management, and Marketing", and "Water Deficiency and Climate Change: Impacts and Solutions" provided a platform for experts to exchange ideas, share best practices, and explore solutions to pressing challenges confronting the agricultural sector.

Further enhancing the summit's profile was an agricultural exhibition, offering attendees a firsthand glimpse into innovative products and technologies aimed at augmenting agricultural productivity and resilience. Additionally, two succinct video presentations shed light on the invaluable contributions of the Ministry of Agriculture and Water Resources in the Kurdistan Region, as well as sponsor companies, underscoring their pivotal role in propelling agricultural innovation and development in the region.

As the day culminated, a special committee embarked on drafting the concluding remarks to be communicated to pertinent authorities and stakeholders. Comprising representatives from the organizing team, the summit committee extended gratitude to all participants for their indispensable contributions to the summit's success. The inaugural Agricultural Summit at the University of Duhok concluded on an optimistic note, with participants reaffirming their commitment to collaborative endeavors aimed at fostering a more sustainable and prosperous agricultural future for the Kurdistan region.

The summit, born from the collaborative efforts of visionary leaders and institutions, epitomizes the region's unwavering dedication to agricultural advancement. Against the backdrop of the Ninth Cabinet's steadfast commitment to the agricultural sector, characterized by robust support for farmers and pioneering projects, the summit served as a platform to assess prevailing challenges and chart a trajectory towards a more resilient and prosperous agricultural landscape.

Featuring esteemed faculties from the University of Duhok's Colleges of Agricultural Engineering Sciences and Veterinary Medicine, the summit underscored the university's pivotal role as a bastion of agricultural innovation and knowledge dissemination. With a faculty comprising experts boasting advanced degrees from esteemed local and international universities, the university stands as a beacon of agricultural excellence, fostering scientific partnerships and spearheading transformative research within global agricultural circles.

The summit's objectives underscored a dedication to constructive dialogue and collaborative action, aimed at addressing multifaceted challenges confronting the agricultural sector. Through a series of panel discussions spanning topics such as agricultural production, investment, security, marketing, and the integration of scientific research into practical applications, the summit fostered an environment conducive to knowledge exchange and solution-oriented discourse.

Notably, the summit facilitated engagement with stakeholders from diverse backgrounds, including experts, scholars, officials, farmers, and investors, both from Kurdistan and beyond. By convening a diverse array of perspectives, the summit sought to formulate actionable strategies to bolster the agricultural sector's resilience and sustainability, thereby driving economic prosperity and societal well-being.

Central to the summit's agenda was the hosting of an agricultural exhibition, providing a platform for esteemed companies to showcase innovative products and technologies. This exhibition afforded attendees opportunities for collaboration and coordination, laying the groundwork for future partnerships poised to contribute to the sector's advancement.

In conclusion, the inaugural Agricultural Summit at the University of Duhok stands as a significant milestone in the region's agricultural trajectory. With a collective commitment to sustainable development and innovation, stakeholders depart the summit galvanized and inspired, poised to effect positive change and usher in a new era of agricultural prosperity in the Kurdistan region and beyond.

For full-quality photos of the summit, please download them from this link: Download Summit Photos

UOD Media; April 17, 2024

Ismat M. Khabour

Photo Credit: Mohammed Abdulkareem, Ali Banki, Harman Jangeer