The Statue of the Martyr Shifa Gardy Has been Placed in the Duhok University Campus
May 29, 2019, 12:59 p.m.

             On 26 May 2019 for the occasion of the 26th of Gulan  national and strived  Revolution  and with the presence of Mr. Sarbast Trwanshy, a member of Party Leadership Board (and  the  representative of the 1st Branch ), Prof. Dr. Mosleh Duhoky the President of  Duhok University and the  representative of the Chra Region Committee  a curtain  on the Martyr Shifa Gardy ‘s statue has been moved away .

In the ceremony, Mr.Sarbast  Trwanshy  indicates that the heroine in the rough days appears in the field of war.Shifa  Gardy is one of these courageous women Terrorist  World War passed away and  she became  a martyr of the war against terrorists. Shifa Gardy was one of the followers of courageous women of Gulan Revolution .We are proud of this heroine.

Also, in the ceremony, Prof.Muslih  Duhoky demonstrates that today  we have placed a statue for the Martyr Shifa Gardy in the accommodations of the Martyr Shifa Gardy  for girls at University of Duhok and soon the statue of the Martyr Kurdistan Salih shall be placed in the accommodations of the Martyr Kurdistan Salih.