A UoD Teacher Publishes a Guidebook about the study of meter in the Kurmanji wedding songs
March 6, 2022, 8:59 a.m.

The Kurdish Academy published a book titled Guidebook of the study of meter in the Kurmanji wedding songs by Dr. Masaud Jamil from the College of Education in the University of Duhok. The book reviews a large number of Kurdish folkloric songs from 10 different parts of Kurdistan. Dr. Jamil confirms: We have chosen 2018 wedding songs from 16 books focusing on different Kurmanji speaking Kurdish regions including Bahdinan, Hakari, Botan, Silevan, Mush, Sharnekh, Kharzan, Batman, Hawel, and Western Kurdistan. 

Dr. Jamil further added that this book aims to preserve the Kurdish wedding songs from extinction explaining that “No matter how the lyrics of the traditional songs change overtime, if the rhythm and musical composition is preserved, the songs will be save and far from extinction.”

It is worth mentioning that the book comprises two parts: Part one presents a theoretical analysis of the Kurdish wedding songs followed by a study of meter in the Kurdish wedding songs. Part two deals with the main aspects and features of the Kurdish wedding songs. Due to the large number of songs selected for analysis, the book can be rightfully defined as a guidebook for the readers interested in this discipline.