Pathology and Microbiology

dr mahdi

Head of Department
Dr Mahdi Ali Abdullah
Assistant Professor
E-mail :
Tel : +964 7507344094
One of the important departments of College of veterinary medicine was established in 2006 and there is around 23 Administration Staff. The department is responsible for:
  1. Teaching pathology / third year,poultry diseases / fourth year; fish diseases, morbid anatomy and forensic medicine / fifth year.
  2. Teaching biology / first year and microbiology, parasitology and immunology in /third year.
  3. Teaching animal management, poultry management and computer as well as two languages/ first year, genetics and statistics /second year, animal nutrition / third year and veterinary public health / fifth year all of these subject include a theory and practical part. All subjects mentioned above included theory and practical studies.
  4. Teaching and supervising higher studies leading to PhD and MSc degree.