Medicinal Chemistry

The Department of Medicinal Chemistry … is on the third floor of the college of pharmacy with a nice outlook of the university campus in Duhok city.

Currently, the department is composed of a diverse group of college members. The lecturers having different specialties such as analytical, medicinal, organic and biochemistry in addition to plant science, physiologist and microbiologist. They are now responsible for undergraduate as well as postgraduate and PhD programmes in the College of Pharmacy in addition to other colleges such as veterinary medicine and science.  The laboratory staff consists of 4 efficient members having bachelor degree in chemistry and   diploma degree in industrial chemistry. For more details about each department member's, please visit their individual pages within the college site.

Research programs of the department cover an unusually broad range of scientific interests, including the design and synthesis of new medicinal agents, the development of new concepts for the design of selectively acting ligands, improvement of existing drugs by molecular modification,  study drug metabolism, and its relation to biological problems.

 Early during the first year in the college, the students study two courses,   analytical and organic chemistry in the first and second semester respectively. During the second year, the students concentrate on organic chemistry. Thereafter In the third year, the major courses are basic biochemistry and medicinal chemistry.

 More courses in medicinal chemistry are given in the fourth year of education.

Finally, in the fifth year and before the graduation, the chemistry courses focus on clinical biochemistry and advanced instrumental analysis.

The Department is also very research active and has thriving research programmes in the following areas: 

  • Organic  compounds synthesis
  • anticancer agents.
  • Synthesis and pharmacological evaluation of metal-based anti cancer agents.
  • Molecular microbiology.
  • Nutrition and health
  • Oxidative stress and lifestyle.