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                                        Thaker Salih Dawood
Thaker Salih Dawood Reporter
Mechanical Engineering
  • 2003 MSc of applied Mechanical Engineering/ College of Technology /Baghdad/ Iraq

    • Nahla, ahmed and thaker 2009 ( Effect of the relationship between reel, threshing cylinder and forward speeds for Massy Ferguson harvester on qualitative loss percentage of chickpea crop.(Cicer arietinum L.)) Journal of Duhok University, Vol.12,No.1,Pp21-27, 2009        
    • Nahla ,Thaker , and Yassin 2010 ( EFFECT OF PERFORMANCE OF ROTAR Y CULTIVATOR ON SOME  PHYSICAL PROPERTIES OF SOIL AND FIELD PERFORMANCE.)  Journal of Tikrit University for Agriculture Sciences,Vol.10,No.1,2010 
    •  Haval, Thaker, and Arkan 2012 ( STRESS ANALYSIS OF STANDARD TRUCK CHASSIS DURING RAMPING ON BLOCK USING FINITE ELEMENT METHOD ARPN journal of Engineering & Applied Science, Vol. 7, No. 6, June 2012, Page 641 – 648.ISSN 1819-6608
    • Thaker 2012 ( Investigation the dynamic stresses of vibration in outer race of low speed ball bearing ) ARPN journal of Engineering & Applied Science, Vol. 7, No. 8, august 2012, Page 1008 – 1016.ISSN 1819-6608

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