Information Services
Jan. 22, 2023, 1:20 p.m.




The University of Duhok website is the official entry point to the UoD information. It is also the face of the UoD to the local and international communities.

Information Services Directorate's objective is to make the website informative, dynamic and useful to local and international users. We usually update our website on a daily basis and the server is available 24/7. Our policy is to provide information as and when it becomes available in three languages Kurdish, Arabic and English. The university website is advertising for fellowships and scholarships, courses, seminars and international conferences.

Information Services Directorate has three main units:

Website Manager:

This Unit is responsible for managing and updating the UoD website.

Data Bases:

This Unit is responsible for all the databases inside the UoD in addition, to provides e-mail accounts to the university academic and administrative staff.

Digital Design:

The unit is responsible for the whole digital printing within the UoD.


                                        Sarkar Abdulsalam Salih
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Sarkar Abdulsalam Salih Director
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