University of Duhok - Scientists’ Ranking 2023 According to Apler – Doger Scientific Index (AD Scientific index)
Jan. 9, 2023, 10:07 p.m.

AD Scientific Index analyzes academic studies from countries, universities, and institutions by using numerous criteria to present results to be used for the evaluation of productivity and efficiency by individuals and institutions. In addition، to sorting by the “total H-index”

You can find, and examine several rankings and analyses by:

last 5 years H-index

total I10 index

last 5 years' I10 index

total number of citations

last 5 years’ citations”.


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Please read the methodology section for “Limitations and Possible Reasons Why a Scientist Is Not on This List”.

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University of Duhok Scientist Rankings 2023

University of Duhok Scientist Rankings 2023